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How To Create A Beautiful WordPress Website – Video Tutorial

Learn how to make a wordpress website in this wordpress tutorial! In this wordpress tutorial, ill show you how to make a wordpress website from scratch with no experience required! What can you expect to learn in this tutorial? If you have wanted to create a website with no coding, than this is the tutorial for you! I use a free wordpress theme in this video and also the new elementor page builder which as been increasing in popularity of the year. So after you watch this, you can expect to learn how to build a website and also master the new elementor page builder! Make sure to check these links below

You can also download the demo images here to help follow along in this wordpress tutorial:

07:17 – Get Hosting And Domain
15:53 – Install WordPress Theme
19:33 Creating Pages For Website
20:56 Creating A Menu
23:38 – Page Settings For Page Builder
25:26 Designing A Page
1:13:12 Free Resources For Your Website
1:08:22 Video Background Section
1:16:44 Creating A Split Screen
1:30:55 Image Carousel
1:36:45 Footer Widgets
1:44:47 Text Shadow Instructions
1:46:19 Pro Features
1:58:46 Creating The About Us Page
2:07:45 Bar Counters
2:12:08 Creating the PARALLAX Effect
2:14:50 Shape Dividers
2:20:40 Meet The Team Section
2:23:00 Testimonials
2:29:33 Getting A Logo
2:32:28 Creating A Transparent Menu And Styles
2:34:16 Video And Image Light Box Features
2:36:50 Creating The Blog
2:51:45 Quick Quiz
2:54:35 Mobile Optimization
3:10:45 Creating A Contact Page
3:35:35 Importing And Exporting Layouts
3:31:55 Closing And Resources

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Comments ( 24 )

  1. As of 29:16, I can not drag the text editor. A forbidden sign appears on any dragged item. Please help…!

  2. I've struggled with this for quite awhile. I"m only 1/3 of the way through the tutorial and I already have a front page. Can't wait to watch the rest. Thank you!

  3. You're amazing! Your content is incredibly helful. My website needs to be redone. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Darrel, thank you! you help me a lot, I have a question, with elementor pro is necessary to buy a theme? And what theme are you using in the video? 🙂

  5. Thanks a lot for the tutorial. In depth but easy to follow without dragging on.

    If anyone wants another site for free hd images my goto is

    all images are free for commercial and non-commercial use and giving credit is not required but appreciated and editing is allowed

  6. Hey Darrel, is there a way we could speak privately? I benefited greatly from this tutorial but encountered a lot of problems. I am willing to pay for your time. Just let me know what is the best way to communicate.

  7. Great tutorial. Has anyone ever said that you sound like Kermit? Its uncanny.

  8. Hey Darrel I really appreciate this! Feeling super stuck tho- is it possible to put the menu tab/bar under the home page main photo ? Similiar to

  9. Hi Darrel, thank you for one of THE best tutorials on how to build a website. I've stopped counting the times I've watched and paused this video to get my own website up and running…lol. Just one question…I'm writing an autobiography in blog form. Would it be advisable to add a progress bar? Thanks for sharing this awesome video. Regards, Elmarie

  10. How do I created an email for my website. Using my domain.
    With a compose send and receive just like. Google.

    Meaning having a page in my website for users and an email etc

  11. Now that we can design headers and footers in Elementor Pro, could you do a video on what theme(s) you would suggest using? When would you suggest the Hello Theme? Is there still a need to use themes such as OceanWP or do they add too much bloat?

  12. Why u put 2019 in the title but the video is from 2017?

  13. Nice content,when i started my fashion business i had few challenges communicating with my customers most especially the ones outside the united state, i always have to go through the stress of traveling to and fro just to get measurements. it was time consuming not until i was introduced to a website designer that designed a website where my customers can just input their measurements and pick a style they want..
    you can contact him for similar cases that can help your business grow either on Instagram @theweb_sean or send him a text on +13154961078

  14. Good info and thanks for sharing.

  15. Came for a 2019 video, found a 2017 video. Sigh.

  16. Mr. Wilson; and no, I am not Daniel. I've read what others said about you; in my humble opinion, you are the best. I am not trying to out comment anyone. You are knowledgeable, honest; a good instructor. To anyone who would read this comment I'd say, follow Darrel until the end of his tutorial, you would not be disappointed. It would be immoral if after gleaning so many excellent tips from this tutorial, I walk away without commenting about your instruction abilities. Darrel, brother, you are the Best, thank you.

  17. This video is from 2017, many things especially configuration arent the same on WordPress 2019. Maybe an update version.

  18. Hi Darrel, love your tutorials.
    I would like to know, if I can use the Bloom and Monarch plugin with the elementor page builder?

  19. This is the most instructive video I've watched; 5 star rating!!!!! I watched it thru' for the first time but got a little bogged down because there is so much information to take in. So I'm going to watch it again and again until I do. What I like most about your presentation is that you take the time to show a feature, explain how it's done, and then return to the website to see how it really looks. And you don't bother with those accursed text subtitles! Your diction is perfect; you're patient; you explain each step clearly. No doubt you have shorter modules for beginners; I'm gonna look on your link and see what's around. Thanks for the most informative 3 hour video; it's got the lot. Cheers mate.

  20. annie use your telescope haha

  21. I am using the OceanWp but what is the recommended featured image size, please.

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