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How to Make a WordPress Website 2019 – FULL STEP BY STEP COURSE!

Learn How to Design, Build & Launch a Website from Scratch using WordPress in 2019!
70% Off Siteground:
Theme Download:
(Do NOT Unzip, watch 22:21 to Install)


Intro to Tutorial – 00:00
Overview & Costs – 03:58
Get Domain & Hosting – 07:11
Install WordPress – 13:56
Login to WordPress – 16:07

Getting everyone on the same page – 17:16
Setup Permalinks – 21:51
Install Theme – 22:21
Add Pages – 23:53
Setup Menu – 25:54
Edit Page Layout – 28:44

Why we can’t start building – 31:43

Goals & Brand Attributes – 33:22
User Personas – 37:55
Creating a Moodboard – 41:31

How to Choose Colours – 43:55
Finding the Perfect Font – 53:02
Content & Layout Planning – 59:49
Images & Assets – 1:04:18
Prepare Assets – 1:14:53

Builder Basics – 1:19:29
Page Template:
Remove Spacing – 1:25:04
Edit Text & Value Proposition – 1:26:15
Basic Styling & Customizer – 1:36:32
Buttons – 1:42:50
Duplicate & Copy – 1:51:39
BG’s, Gradients & Colours – 1:55:27
Images, Icons, Illustrations, Video, Testimonials & FAQ – 2:04:00
Animations, Float & Shapes – 2:12:11

Mobile Responsive Styling – 2:16:47
Header, Logo & Footer Styling – 2:23:31
Footer Layout, Social & Favicon – 2:29:13
Contact Form & Styling – 2:36:08
Google Maps & Enable API – 2:43:10
Enable SSL Certificate – 2:48:49

Adobe XD Prototyping – 2:51:05
Transfer Prototype to Webpage – 3:06:39

SEO – What, Why & How – 3:19:38
Keyword Research – 3:22:23
OnPage SEO (YOAST SEO) – 3:32:16
Add Blog Posts & Display – 3:41:05
OffPage SEO – 3:45:49
Track Keyword Rankings – 4:02:39

Final Words & Updates – 4:04:06

Congrats! 🙂

Please leave any questions in comments below!

Comments ( 26 )

  1. Sorry for the delay and thank you everyone for being patient. But the video is finally out! Make sure to check out the timestamps and I recommend watching at x 1.5 speed 🙂 If you have any questions, please comment and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.
    Hope you guys will find this video useful 😀 Cheers, Hogan.

  2. Welcome back Hogan, we actually miss you. Keep up with the Good work Bro.

  3. Welcome back! Thank you for your new video!

  4. Hogan ,good to see that you're back on the scene after so long between videos. Your videos are very comprehensive and informative. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi loves the part u explain font and colour . Good sensei

  6. Hi…HOGAN… i am a very big fan of your videos with the help of your videos i designed my own website ..thank you so much

  7. Hello Hogan!! Great to see you again.. Can you please give me builder timeline and some other very necessary plug-in?? I would be grateful if you help me out..

  8. Hey Hogan, I'm fresh graduated graphic design from Indonesia. For 4 years I studied in my collage, I don't get any website knowledge. After I graduated my brother told me to learn WordPress and learn how to design web, so I open google and youtube, and search any wordpress tutorial then I found you with your themify tutorial. I really appreciate what are you doing now, I learn so much from all of your tutorial. Now I got my first website project. Big thanks for all of your tutorial video! You really inspired me! Thanks! 🙂

  9. hey hogan, finally you uploaded a new video.

  10. Hi Mr. Hogan. What Video editor do you use for YouTube? or what do you recommend which is free? Thanks. Really appreciate your contents. Great job!

  11. Glad you are back after sometime…

  12. Ola Hogan, you always deliver the best man. Thanks for another amazing video…mega RESPECT

  13. You are Genous, BTW thanks for sharing video.

  14. I just bouth wordpress basic plan but my dashboard looks different, why 🙁
    I try to set up my page and its frustrating

  15. Another amazing tutorial again. Thank you Hogan. It is a great job.

  16. I am waiting for your video from 1 year where are you hogan I am an old friend over 2 years ago where are you hogan

  17. hay thanks for video after long time

  18. hey hogan. First of all, thank you for your awesome tutorials and you are the best. I tried using this theme for my official website but there are some bugs in css file.

  19. Pure goldmine! thanks a lot!

  20. It's great to see you uploaded video after so long .. I always wait for your videos

  21. Thanks again for another video.

  22. Aye! It's our boy Hogan! Welcome back.

  23. Would like to know how to stream soccer games in my wordpress website

  24. your videos are really useful to learn. I have started my WordPress website designing because of your tutorials. Thanks a lot for sharing such skill.

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