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How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | For Beginners – Video Tutorial

Making a website has never been easier! In this video I show you step by step how it is done using free tools like WordPress, Elementor, the Astra theme, free stock images and free plugins. Putting in practise what I will teach you in this tutorial enables you to make an amazing website and even enables you to start making websites for a living.

The example website:

Overview with timestamps:
00:00:16 Overview of the tutorial
00:01:40 The 4 action we need to take
00:02:07 What is webhosting and a domain name
00:02:56 Get a domain name and webhosting
00:08:03 Install WordPress
00:09:30 Overview of the front and backend
00:10:56 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
00:11:55 Change your display name publicity
00:12:56 Create A Title For Your Website
00:15:30 Optimise Your Permalinks

00:16:04 Add Pages To Your Website
00:18:54 Configure The Menu
00:23:01 Introduction to WordPress Themes

00:24:12 Get The Astra Theme
00:25:59 Get The Elementor Page Builder

00:27:21 Configure The Astra Theme
00:27:35 Download The Images I use in the Tutorial
00:27:59 Import Your Logo
00:30:27 Make Your Menu Uppercase
00:31:50 Configure The Header Layout
00:35:53 Configure The Mobile Menu
00:36:33 Change The Menu Breakpoint
00:38:54 Configure The Footer
00:41:30 Configure The Colors
00:44:39 Configure The Container

00:46:42 What To Do When Elementor Does Not Load
00:47:21 Add Editing Handles
00:48:09 Overview Of Elementor
00:55:36 Configure The Elementor Colors
00:57:23 Create The Hero Of Your Website
00:58:56 Get Free Stock Images
01:00:46 How To Optimise Images Within WordPress
01:02:10 Configure The Background
01:03:55 Add A Header
01:07:40 Create Buttons
01:10:02 Use The Inline Positioning
01:17:00 Add Animations To Your Website
01:20:49 Make The Background Fixed
01:21:31 The Icon Box Element
01:23:54 Configure The Text In Elementor
01:35:15 The Shape Divider
01:36:43 The video Element
01:38:46 Optimise Your Website For All Devices
01:44:12 Create An About Us Section
01:47:31 The Amazing Navigator
01:51:53 Create A Testimonial Section
02:01:59 Make Use Of Custom Positions: Absolute and Fixed

Elementor Templates
02:08:05 Get Free Templates For Elementor
02:13:39 Get the Contact Form 7 Plugin
02:18:23 Import A Template For Elementor

02:21:32 Create A Blogpost
02:34:46 Customize the Blogposts page
02:35:53 Configure the Sidebar Widgets
02:37:46 Get The Facebook Likebox Widget
02:39:09 Configure the Blogpage
02:41:19 Create A Blogpage Using Elementor
02:42:53 Get More Free Elements For Elementor

02:50:22 Configure The Footer Widgets
02:54:47 Customize the Footer Colors

02:55:37 Get The Portfolio Plugin
02:56:08 Create A Portfolio Item
02:59:45 Configure The Image Lightbox
02:59:45 Save Your Page As A Template
03:04:10 Create The Portfolio Page

The Homepage
03:06:21 Add Recent Blogposts To The Homepage
03:08:30 Add The Recent Portfolio Items To The Homepage
03:09:24 Wrap It Up

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Comments ( 41 )

  1. hey Fredy, compare to two years ago, getting more fat, but more handsome,  seems your wife can cook delicious food as well. ha ha ha

  2. good job bro..

    let me know plz…how can I add typing test features and dictionary and something like this..

  3. Oh, Ferdi – you are a real life-saver! I'm only 20 mins in to this but already I have learned so much and had many questions answered. You are clear in what you do – no whizzing the cursor around and assuming we understand what you are doing, like so other similar videos. Thanks, man!

  4. Just what I was looking for. Amazing ? you just got a subscriber.

  5. Amazing indeed ! You have rocked !

  6. Which software you have used to edit this video?
    The very first introduction requirements you said like Get a domain name, install WordPress etc.. How did make that? Using which applications / tools / software?
    It's really beautiful and impressive ?✌️

  7. Hey ferdy,
    How to keep additional header on the primary header. Like you kept black friday deal on you're website.

  8. Hello Ferdy. Blog V2. Was it created using Pro or the Free Elementor version???
    PS:Big FanPreneur.

  9. Hello Ferdy, I have been following your incredible tutorial but the problem I am having is that when I preview what I have done on my website live the typeface changes to a different font. What am I doing wrong. Please advice!!! Thank you

  10. Ah, Ferdy, this is really great tutorial! Thank you so much!

  11. Great video, have just about built my website with this guide, just having problems adding a contact form from WP to elementor – any ideas?
    I would recommend a tutorial on quoting tools if possible, i do boiler installs and depending on your answers to questions would result in the product + extras you require!
    Many thanks ?

  12. Hey Ferdy, Do you suggest managed wordpress hosting or web hosting? Thanks

  13. Whenever m trying to install Elementor Page builder everytime Installation failed why please anyone help

  14. I am confused as to what is the function of the Aztec Theme to Elementor ? If they have different roles I have missed something…………

  15. Ferdy – Thank you so much for this very good tutorial. I have a question regarding Elementor – EA post grid. Is there a way to make all post the same height size?

  16. Hi Ferdy!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to show us this valuable skill.

  17. the word ferdy was said 12309213 times

  18. Hi Ferdy. I am watching a few WordPress tutorials and so far yours is great. However you have used the word 'Plugins' numerous times without explaining beforehand what plugins actually are. I know roughly what they are because they were explained in another tutorial I watched. Just a comment from a learners point of view. Thanks.

  19. I can't click on the time stamps in the description. ?

  20. Dear Ferdy, regards. Practicing the footer bar area as in the video, using Astra theme, I noted that Disclaimer and Policies links do not open in a new tab. Can you guide me please?

  21. Ferdy, Thank You I am really learning a lot but are unindated with options now. Please advise me on what to do up until now everything I have used is free but I need some plugins. Where will I upgrade Elementor, Astra or Envato. I can only upgrade 1 at a time if I need to do more upgrades than 1. My question is do I go Pro on Elementor, Astra or buy an Envato site?

  22. Thanks Ferdy.. finally in THIS video you tell about the handles in Elementor and how to show them, made things so easy for me now.. thanks (From Australia)

  23. Hi sir I have some issues in header motion effects. The effects won't load, btw sir I'm using a domain for my website.

  24. Can I do it all in localhost?

  25. Hi Ferdy
    I have a question hope u can help me
    My homepage contain contents of others pages/menu , ex home page contain contents of service page, how can i fix this ?

  26. Thanks for that amazing tutorial Ferdy!

  27. Thanks for this awesome tutorial, and for free!

  28. Fantastic tutorial. Thanks so much. You are my go to guy for anything Elementor or Astra related. Keep producing!!!

  29. Thanks for the information ?? i use KOUBIWEB for my Hosting and to building websites, the have affordable prices and great tools, Beautiful quality themes, good Hosting plans from small to large clients.

  30. Hi!
    Well, i think i have a bug or something cause my button ( 2:04:36 Absolute and Fixed) is fixed, and disappears when one image of the carrusel cross over (while i scroll down)

    Anybody can help?

  31. Hey Guys! Can I get free domain name for hosting my website.

  32. I am getting an error by installing the server 443 how can i fix it.

  33. Hi Ferdy, I'm trying to add the widget for Easy Facebook likebox and it's not coming up for me in WordPress. Do you know if it is still an option? Thank you, Dana

  34. Hi Fredy,
    liked this astra theme but main problem is that the header is not sticky in free version as in Sydney (Sticky header is very important at current days). Was able to stick it but problem creates while scrolling down, header turns transparent & create looks ugly. Will appreciate if u share solution of it (to disable header transparency).

  35. I have more than 4 testimonials…is it possible to have a looping carousel for testimonials? How do people add their testimonial? I have Astra Pro and Elementor Pro.

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