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How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | Elementor Tutorial – Video Tutorial

Come learn how to make a wordpress website in 1 hour! I will show you step by step to easily create your wordpress website in a few clicks! Lets Get Started!
Its simple, gets your domain for your wordpress website. Install WordPress. Install Your WordPress Theme. Than simply install a plugin that will give you access to more than 1700+ elementor templates for free! I will also cover different features of the page builder such as mobile optimization, blend modes, and other features that you can use with the elementor page builder


Get Hosting 2:40
Install WordPress 5:30
Download Elementor 11:10
Install theme 14:20
Creating A Homepage 15:30
Image Websites: 18:20
Importing Templates 22:17
Using Blocks 32:50
Creating About Us Page 35:40
Creating Contact Us 37:00
Creating A Contact Form 38:15
Editing Contact Form 39:16
Theme Customizer Settings 44:20
Get A Logo 45:48
Editing Footer 48:40
Advanced Features 59:50
Blend Modes 1:02:12
Mobile Optimization 1:04:01
Put The SSL On Website 1:09:02
Future tutorials 1:12:10

For more tips and everything else, feel free to visit my website!

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Comments ( 22 )

  1. Whatsup Party People! In this video, ill show you how to make a wordpress website step by step with the elementor page builder. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up, i worked on it night and day! And i ran out of beer, if anyone can be so nice to bring one over, that would be great.

  2. please do a hotel booking page only the section how to book a room and process thanks

  3. I am loving your video I am so grateful for clearing many many confusions . I want to ask how can i make a like room booking thing with elemnetor

  4. Hi Darrel, thank you for the video. I'm currently watching it, and I have 2 questions (sorry if they're stupid ?). First: does all if that works as well when trying to redesign an existing website? And also: why did you download Elementor from their website, rather than just searching for it in the plugin section of WordPress please? Is there a difference between the two?

  5. Is it possible to make a tut about real state website with membership so different owners show their properties to sell or rent by states?

  6. Is it possible to mix templates from astra starter sites, envato, sizzify, etc . for different pages in the same website???

  7. I am building a site to advertise for potential tenants for my apartment building

  8. always gonna be my boo 😀
    by SABOR

  9. Why not pay the three year? It jumps about $15.00 a month once the first term expires. By the way, this is a very clear and concise tutorial. THANX. Keith

  10. Hi, i am Nylo Armany, and i would like to say that, you are so so funny, specifically when you said ''My life is terrible, my dog doesn't like me ect…'' i have laughed a lot. hands down, you are the best. not only on your amazing #JOB but also on the fact that you know how to make it simple and funny. my first time to see your video. i am struggling to built my website but thanks to you , it is going to be easy cause i have learnt a lot with elementor.

  11. Darrel, did i already toll you that I LOVE YOU, yes two years ago i did my frist page, with your help, it is now a reality, ( and now i here, geting back to the nessesity fo another business, and a new page. I just don´t want to pay any developer so bucause of you i am my own developer. You just resolve all my doubts, i will pay you some day when one of this businnes get success. haven´t to much sells, yet. But is pretty and really works.

  12. Well, I don't get it. I can make my static page Home but before that, I want to have an intro "Welcome" page with the only massive big picture and one button that enters the website. Can someone please help me solve this problem how can I make it? Million thanks! Brilliant tutorial!

  13. how did that page settings menu come up please?

  14. basic editing setup
    awesome stuff Darrel

    Qu the title block or box, can it be mover higher or lower on the page please?

  15. I cant drag my elementor widgets on the content side ? Why doeasnt it work for me ? Please help

  16. bro it is not allowing me to install it properly, it is giving me the error message, 'update failled' every time i try to install ocean wp theme. plese help

  17. Hey Darrel, was exactly following your  tutorial, and can't put logo. Please advise why it is invisible

  18. go slower dude… nerve-racking

  19. How about I pad your face motor mouth!??

  20. Please make a video about creating a multipage website or blog on wordpress With a free theme! Thank!

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