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How To Make A WordPress Website ~ 2019 ~ A WordPress Website Tutorial For Beginners

This how to make a WordPress website for beginners tutorial for 2019 covers all the steps needed to create your own WordPress website for free from start to finish with no html, css, javascript, or any other web coding experience. The course explains why Hostgator is the right WordPress web host for you and covers purchasing WordPress web hosting, installing WordPress for free, installing themes and plug-ins for your WordPress for free, and creating your own professional logo for free. It provides a very detailed and complete step-by-step walkthrough of everything you’ll need to know how to create your own professional website from start to finish using the super easy (and free) Elementor page building plug-in. Below you will also find super discount options, lots of free resources, and timestamps to access specific lessons within this tutorial.

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Step 1 – 00:00:00 Introduction
Step 2 – 00:01:52 Website Project Overview
Step 3 – 00:07:10 Unavoidable Costs
Step 4 – 00:07:36 Please Ask Questions
Step 5 – 00:07:53 Please Pay It Forward
Step 6 – 00:08:05 Let’s Start Our Website
Step 7 – 00:08:24 Choose and Purchase Web Hosting
Step 8 – 00:16:14 Log In To Your Control Panel
Step 9 – 00:17:24 Install WordPress Application
Step 10 – 00:20:05 Display Your WordPress Website
Step 11 – 00:20:50 Change WordPress Password
Step 12 – 00:22:20 How To Login To WordPress
Step 13 – 00:22:48 WordPress Tutorial Timestamps
Step 14 – 00:23:29 Install WordPress Theme
Step 15 – 00:25:15 Install WordPress Plugins
Step 16 – 00:30:11 How To Update Plugins
Step 17 – 00:30:33 How To Update WordPress
Step 18 – 00:32:05 About Your Dashboard
Step 19 – 00:32:51 Creating Empty Pages
Step 20 – 00:37:10 Access Elementor Plugin
Step 21 – 00:38:31 Create A Menu
Step 22 – 00:40:12 Set Menu Colors
Step 23 – 00:43:24 Build A Free Logo
Step 24 – 00:47:56 Make Image Transparent
Step 25 – 00:58:14 Add Logo To Menu Bar
Step 26 – 01:00:11 Choose A Homepage
Step 27 – 01:01:08 Set Website Permalinks
Step 28 – 01:02:01 Remove Search Icon
Step 29 – 01:02:47 Remove Header Spacing
Step 30 – 01:03:51 Set Footer Copyright
Step 31 – 01:04:35 Build The Homepage
Step 32 – 01:06:12 Collecting Website Content
Step 33 – 01:07:07 Royalty Free Images And Videos
Step 34 – 01:07:47 Add YouTube Background
Step 35 – 01:13:02 Add Image Text Combo
Step 36 – 01:17:33 Setting Default Fonts
Step 37 – 01:28:54 Make Call To Action Areas
Step 38 – 01:34:57 Add Accordion Widget
Step 39 – 01:42:54 Add Image Carousel
Step 40 – 01:46:32 Build Testimonials Section
Step 41 – 01:52:41 Add Parallax Background
Step 42 – 01:55:23 Using Contact Form 7
Step 43 – 02:00:32 Insert Join Our Email Form
Step 44 – 02:03:01 Create Website Footer
Step 45 – 02:07:30 Create About Us Page
Step 46 – 02:08:11 YouTube Segment Background
Step 47 – 02:15:27 Create Destination Page
Step 48 – 02:28:41 Using Elementor Templates
Step 49 – 02:37:34 Create Photo Gallery
Step 50 – 02:38:46 How To Set Color Defaults
Step 51 – 02:39:19 Add Gallery Page
Step 52 – 02:42:13 Create Travel Tips Page
Step 53 – 02:42:44 Create Contact Us Page
Step 54 – 02:45:29 Using Icon List Widget
Step 55 – 02:47:45 Insert Contact Us Form
Step 56 – 02:48:25 Using Google Map Widget
Step 57 – 02:49:48 Apply Content Animation
Step 58 – 02:52:40 Headline Animation Widget
Step 59 – 02:54:53 Mobile Friendly Adjustments
Step 60 – 03:00:52 You Finished, Well Done!

About me (Yoda) – (First Certified Webmaster)
WebYoda – (Owner)
WOW Academy – (Online Training Creator)
Web Design Training School – – (YouTube Instructor)

Come On In – Silent Partner
Sun’s Rise – Silent Partner

1. Girl Raft – SkyMediaPro
2. Egypt – Explore&Share
3. Havasu – Pavel Losevsky
4. Jamaica – Ron Lane
5. Mt Baker –
6. Hawaii – InBoundHorizons
7. PC Beach – Pineapple Properties
8. Rome Italy – Tom Hoffman Jr.
9. Bermuda –

Questions? Comments? Please leave them below, we would love to hear from you.

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  2. Thanks Web Yoda, this is great, I appreciate all the time you put into this. Great value for free!

  3. Anybody know how to have more than five pages in the header? It won't let me have more than five. It seems the header is quite buggy in general actually.

  4. webyoda discount coupon is not working 🙁

  5. please tell how to show data from database

  6. Amazing Tutorial !!!!! Do you have any updates ?

  7. please confirm but it seems you need to buy a business package to access plugins on WordPress?

  8. Hello Mr. Yoda , I watch your videos and enjoy all of them, with starting my new business and needing a website like asap. I have been looking around to see who offers what $$$$ wise and everyone I spoke with is really cray-cray with it. I don't have much money to spend on my website and thought about creating it myself. I have been watching you for over the last year and I decided to do this myself. But what I wanted to know is will I have full administration right to make changes and anything else I need to do if I was to go this route. Second question is would it be better to do my own website or let someone else do it for me?

    Thank you in advance and love your work.

  9. Yoda, you're absolutely great!!! Your course is 100% awesome and you teach very well. I used to design my site with the old Yahoo Site Builder, which was great 10 years ago, and like you said, when I tried Elementor for the first time it was a little intimidating. But your video helped me to start getting my new site together.
    I have one quick question: when I upload images to the widgets, depending on the image pixel dimensions, it doesn't fill up the entire widget, and if I have images side by side in different columns, some are shorter than others. How do I get them perfectly inside all columns, like you have in your site Gallery's Page?
    Thank you very much for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Loved the Video! thanks so much for posting.. Without Elementor I wouldn't have been able to customize my WordPress Template nearly as much. I did have 2 questions though : First, with the Image Carousel – is it possible to add a hyperlink to each individual image? 2: Is there a free PDF WordPress Plugin that would work to easily add PDF files an also build a PDF carousel

  11. Have been trying to learn about WordPress and have seen a few Tutorials and yours is certainly the BEST. Thanks.

  12. Getting error " You cannot update because WordPress 5.2.3 requires PHP version 5.6.20 or higher. You are running version 5.4.45" How can I update my PHP version?

  13. Hi Mr Web Yoda i am just starting my journey on web development and design
    i just want to say thank you so mush for the tutorial, it helped a lot

  14. Fantastic tutorial. Thank you.

  15. oh man thank you so much you made my day i was searching for so long for a good wordpress course

  16. I'm studying to be a Web designer and your video really helps

  17. WordPress saved me from needing to learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT AND PHP

  18. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm making a website in primary school.

  19. Great wordpress tutorial, good for both web developer and designer

  20. Why wont my pictures show up on my webpage??

  21. i'm going to be successful at web development thanks to your video

  22. Wow really good with how he explained everything and not making it so complicated

  23. Most of the YouTube videos I watched overwhelmed me with their words, but yours was easy to follow

  24. You are a great teacher! Surprisingly, I was able to follow everything you taught and I understand it.

  25. Definitely made some websites because if your video, so thank you again for this tutorial!!!!

  26. Thank you so much for this video I have a question I'm new on this I put up a video on the home section as a background but it doesn't show up on a tablet or on the cell phone Can you tell me how can I fix this thank you very much I'll be expecting your answer

  27. Simple how to build a website step by step. powerful stuff.

  28. I'm totally new to this, have no experience with web development, design or any kind. Thank for this!!

  29. Thanks one of the best wp videos I've ever seen

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