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How to integrate Moodle and WordPress with Edwiser Bridge

Edwiser Bridge is a WordPress plugin to import your Moodle courses to WordPress and sell these courses beautifully. Using Edwiser Bridge, students can have the same credentials to access WordPress and Moodle sites. You can sell your courses through default payment gateway as PayPal. There are many such great features.

This video focuses on the process of setting up the Edwiser Bridge plugin on a WordPress site.

Comments ( 11 )

  1. Hello friend, excellent video, but I have moodle 1.9.10, and I don't get the same menu that you have, I want to link it with my wordpress, you could make a video or where can you explain this to me. Thank you

  2. Hi @Wisdmlabs

    I have a very basic question. You are saying '(Go to moodle site) ' ?

    Can you explain this . I mean i have a wordpress site and i activated this plugin . Now for Connection string , where i am supposed to sign up and add functions .Please give me the url of that site where i need to make functions and sync it with WordPress.

  3. hello sir thanks for providing this video
    i have a problem, i have installed WordPress and moodle on google cloud, i am unable to create a custom URL as I want to create my( same as (
    please help me how to do it
    in another case, I have moodle URL like
    which make an error on connecting WordPress to moodle through Edwiser Bridge

  4. Create users
    Retrieve users
    Update users
    Return course details
    Return category details
    manual enrol users
    manual unenrol users
    get the list

  5. Everything went good, but when I was adding URL and token it says: a valid URL is not provided. What does it really mean? I copied the right URL.

  6. Oh Thanks, I was about to give up

  7. Thanks Dude! You made it really easy

  8. Hi, I'm following the steps, but get an error '
    Please check Moodle URL !

    the moodle url is ok.

    Which is the relation between the admin moodle user and the user in wordpress ?
    Should be the same ? How can I do that ?


  9. How much does it cost the plug-in?

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