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Comments ( 12 )

  1. I have been looking for this solution all over. Thanks for sharing. But my question is; instead of making changes to my PHP header files, can I simply paste this codes and the conditions on my installed header and footer WordPress plugin?

  2. How do I get dynamic conversion values ? What’s the woocommerce code for that ?

  3. Best practice would be to create a header.php file in the child theme by copying it over from the parent, then make the changes. Otherwise the changes can get overwritten if the parent theme is updated. For a easy to follow tutorial on how, see

  4. Great video, I’ve been looking for this all over YouTube, how do you find out what the productid is over the item they put into the cart , I know you use a global variable, but how do you find out the name, for example productid is called id(), where in the template files can I find information identifying the information of the product I want ?

  5. I've seen that one can now add the Facebook Pixel Plugin to WordPress sites. Does this plugin function as accurately as manually adding the various events to the header.php file?

  6. This was working and then stopped. Is it due to changes on Facebook's end?

  7. Newbie question. In WP, aren't we supposed to make the changes to the header.php in the child theme (on your host)? Doesn't editing the parent theme risk losing changes when the theme updates?

  8. Does this automatically get updated each time a new event is posted to my page? Or, do I need to manually enter it?

  9. hello, can you provide a copy of the PHP code? So I can just copy it and also when you add the event code, will it be shown when the homepage is loaded and checked using the Facebook pixel helper

  10. Thank you so much for this video. I do have a question. I am looking to install a conversion pixel to fire when someone clicks on my Mailchimp too bar sign up button. How would I edit the jquery code to make the happen?

  11. Hey, you said "if its page" contact and then typed in the name of the page. Is it the URL of the page or the actual page name I gave? thanks for the good video

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