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How to Import Google Sheets Data to WordPress Automatically

NinjaTables brings to you another mesmerizing feature to connect your Google Sheets dynamically with NinjaTables data. Watch the video to learn how to integrate a Google Sheet and whenever you change on the Sheets, the automatically alters on the NinjaTables. This is really fun!

Ninja tables download link:

Comments ( 4 )

  1. Can the table be displayed on the front-end?

  2. By following this guide you are exposing your data to the entire internet. If this is private survey data, etc this is really bad. I would not recommend doing this.

  3. Hei, wonder if I could import xls files from google drive instead of google sheets?

  4. Looks really amazing. Could you please tell me if this is also working with images? I mean I have a column dedicated for logos. Will this logo also be imported to Ninja Tables?
    I need to know before purchasing. Thank you very much.

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