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Comments ( 38 )

  1. This is LIFE CHANGING! I've been trying to claim my website for a while now and nothing helped… THANK you so much!

  2. Hello! Why there is a need to verify the WordPress Site on Pinterest. Can you send me a link where I can learn more about Pinterest? Thanks in Advance

  3. Thanks so much. I had no idea it could be this easy!

  4. Thank you so much!! This is the first tutorial i have watched that actually showed how to do this step by step all the way through!!

  5. This was so easy compared to the instructions provided!

  6. Hey How can i do this i am using all in one seo plug inn

  7. Thank You. I had to use the second method, but thats okay with me, as long as it is working! Thanks Again!

  8. Thank you very much, this info has helped me.

  9. Thanks for this content. It helped me a lot!

  10. Thank you! So quick and easy.

  11. Oh, thank you so much, I was quick!

  12. Amazing, thank you! SO easy.

  13. thank you!!! Easy Peasy with this video.

  14. Thank you so much for the great help

  15. Great video, thanks! But I'm using the free version of Yost and I don't have those tabs (Facebook, Pinterest…). Could you be so kind to provide a link to the Yost plugin you are using? Thank you so much, have a geat day!

  16. Hello! I need to add my Pinterest Site Verification on my WordPress site, but I've already claimed my website before knowing that I will need the meta code for this. How can I manage to do so? It is necessary to unclaimed the site to recover the meta code? Thank you

  17. straight to the point, it worked thank you

  18. Very helpful and straightforward! Thank you very much

  19. simple and effective! thank you

  20. thank you so much saved my morning lol.

  21. Thanks for simplifying this step with Pinterest. Just claimed my website, and also started getting to know my way around TailWind. Thanks again for a really valuable video and simplified guide.

  22. Super thank you! I've been checking multiple blogs on how to claim the website from Pinterest and all of them are just so complicated for me. This is the easiest information ever! I'm now just waiting for the confirmation. Thank you so much!

  23. These videos are AMAZING!!!! I learn so much from you. Thank you!

  24. Not sure why this video will get a thumbs down, it's all full on straight forward useful information. likes it & says thanks!

  25. I can't verify my site at the end because it says "Error. Retry again."
    I can repeat this process infinitely and I can't connect with Instragram as well.
    I don't have an etsy account and only YouTube works.
    It looks to me like this:
    Try out 2 different PCs and re-check every month if Pinterest fixed their servers.
    I tried even yesterday to connect these sites and apps and everything.

    In regards to you video:
    Beautifully explained and easy to grasp on. I just subscribed, since this is one hell of a helpful channel.

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