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How to Create Amazon Affiliate Links On Your WordPress Blog

Learn how to create Amazon affiliate links on your blog for the Amazon Associate Program using this free WordPress plugin.

Comments ( 39 )

  1. One question, how can I also show ad image of Amazon?

  2. i love this video. 3 birds with one stone. help close local businesses, give more money to Jeff Bezos for his million dollar space toys and encouraging kids to drink more soda.

  3. My settings look different and can;t save?

  4. It was amazing with you dear Liza. thanks

  5. Great, simple & to the point. So this would be good for when writing about a product & mentioning a product. We'll definitely start integrating that into my post. Does this affiliate program also work for banners?

  6. I love your tutorials. Thank you!

  7. Lisa but on this one have to pay? I have the free word press. Thanks

  8. might have to update this video. a lot of the plug in has changed to where it has switched to AWS on it's own plug in….and now this plug in has a diff template of settings

  9. Thank you very helpful i am going to use this to put on my websites.

  10. thank you this video saved my life lol

  11. Thank you so much! You are wonderful – so clear and straight forward. Love it!!!

  12. OMG thank you
    I have been asking this question on so many group pages and ppl just won't let you know – thank you

  13. Thanks, you saved my time. So all this plugin does is add a button to the text editor to search the amazon database for the product you want to add to your blog post or page that gets tied to the affiliate account with the tracking id. Got it thanks

  14. great easy to understand directions. Thank you so much 🙂

  15. its saying the plugin is not free. its just a bussiness plan attached to it asking for monthly charges any know how to get past this

  16. Have you had much success with this plugin Lisa?

  17. Hello I'm new to this, so you mention if they purchase within 24 hours? So is that how amazon affiliate links work? A person has to purchase within 24 hours, whether or not I use the plugin?

  18. How to become a associate ID madam?

  19. If they click on the affiliate link on your blog but they end up buying something else , do you still get paid? Like if you link a large bottle of a cleanser or whatever of something but your visitor bought a smaller size from a different seller (still on amazon ), do you still make a commission on their purchase ?

  20. Thanks…very good presentation

  21. I just have to say you are super fucking helpful! Thank you!

  22. thanks for your great video, My blog HML SOFTWARE is a software site, I want to Amazon marketing, can you help me?

  23. Please tell me one thing If i created a link and customer purchased the product after 24 hours so it will work or not ??

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