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How To Create A WordPress Website 2019 | Divi Theme

In this tutorial I show you how to make an amazing website using the Divi theme! I will show you step by step how to create a website using the Divi Theme. An amazing theme that contains a front end editor that makes creating websites easier and faster than ever before! Divi came with a recent update that enables you to make websites even faster! I wil cover that in this tutorial!

Example website:
Demo Files:
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The Divi builder is a front end editor that shows the result of your editing immediately. The Divi theme comes with 80+ other themes and a few amazing plugins!

Making websites was never so easy as it is this day! If you have a question, please leave a comment!

Overview with Timestamps:
00:00:15 Overview of the tutorial
00:07:08 For who’s is this tutorial?
00:08:13 Get a domain and webhosting
00:12:53 Install WordPress
00:15:49 Clean Up WordPress
00:16:40 Configure the Permalinks
00:17:24 Remove blogposts
00:17:47 Change User Settings
00:19:23 Create Pages
00:20:53 Create and Assign the menu
00:24:00 Change the homepage to.a static page

00:24:41 Introduction on Themes
00:25:39 Get the Divi Theme
00:25:56 What do you get with the Divi theme?
00:28:25Install the Divi theme
00:29:44 Configure the API Key
00:30:34 Use images I use in the tutorial
00:31:02 Upload a logo and Configure the Theme Options
00:32:25 Social Icons
00:32:25 Other Options
00:33:27 Google Analytics
00:34:27 Change the logo size

The Visual Builder
00:35:10 Explenation of the layout
00:37:05 Creating a blurb
00:39:09 Duplicate Modules
00:39:51 The Editor View
00:40:46 Overview of the options in the Visual Builder
00:42:27 Display options of the Visual Builder
00:42:48 Zoom Out To Drag and Drop
00:43:14 Change to tablet or smartphone view

Create The Homepage
00:43:47 HeaderSlider
00:45:54 How to work with backgrounds
00:49:51 Create a Video Slide
00:54:52 Import Custom CSS to style your website extra
00:57:06 Import Section Options
00:58:18 The Blurb Module
01:03:46 The Video Module Explained
01:04:48 The Text Module Explained
01:07:17 The Gallery Module Explained
01:10:01 The Button Module Explained
01:13:04 Save a Module/Section to your library
01:14:11 Change the look and feel of sections and modules
01:18:11 Use Custom CSS to style your modules
01:23:40 Create a simple clients section
01:25:16 Zoom out to drag and drop areas in your website
01:26:35 Configure the responsive visibility of areas in your website
01:26:55 Work with animations
01:29:04 Load From Library | Pre Made Layouts

01:35:14:16 Divi Theme Settings
01:35:53 Boxed Layout
01:36:20 Website Width
01:36:30 Gutter Width, Section Height and Row Height
01:38:26 Typography
01:40:15 Configure the background of the website
01:41:19 Configure the Menu
01:42:01 The Primary Menu
01:44:27 The Fixed Menu
01:46:25 The Secundary Header
01:48:14 Button Styles
01:48:49 Responsive Settings
01:50:24 Additional CSS
01:50:31 Create beautiful dividers

01:53:12 Verify Your Domain
01:53:50 Add SSL to your website

About Page
01:55:24 Import Pre Made Layouts
01:56:50 Import a Video Background

02:03:24 Create A Custom Footer
02:08:12 Adjust the Socket in the Footer
02:09:08 Add links to your Socket
02:10:54 Change the look and feel of an area in a few clicks

The Services Page
02:13:10 Import a Pre Made Template
02:14:08 Change images using the Divi Filter
02:15:43 Use Fluid Styles to save a lot of time

The Portfolio Page
02:18:36 Create a Portfolio Item
02:20:15 Create a Gallery
02:20:42 Optimise Images | SEO
02:23:16 Create a related projects section
02:26:25 Save your project as a template
02:26:49 Create a second portfolio item
02:29:03 Create a third portfolio item
02:31:18 Configure the portfolio page

The Blog Page
02:36:34 Configure the blog page
02:37:00 Create a fblogpost
02:38:40 The excerpt text
02:39:10 The Text Editor | headers | paragraphs
02:43:22 Style your blogpost
02:46:45 Add a link
02:48:15 Add Images
02:52:17 Use custom CSS to get rid of the sidebar border
02:54:02 Use the live editor to make a blogpost
02:56:32 The Countdown module
02:58:27 Change the postdate or schedule blogposts
03:00:05 Configure the blog page

The Sidebar
03:07:44 Sidebar Widgets
03:08:49 The Facebook Likebox Widget

03:10:33 Blogpost Comments

The Contact Page
03:12:44 Add a free image and optimise it in WordPress
03:15:26. The Call To Action Module
03:16:36 Add 3 blurbs
03:19:30 The Google Maps Module
03:19:43 Get the Google API Key
03:21:11 Configure the Google Maps Module
03:23:19 The Contact Form Module

The Homepage
03:25:19 Add Most Recent Posts on the homepage
03:26:34 Add Most Recent Projects on the homepage

03:28:05 Make your website even more responsive

03:37:05 What is next?
03:37:22 Thank you so much

Comments ( 41 )

  1. Fantastic video. I was hesitant to buy Divi but now, I think all the features and possibilities you've shown me have convinced me. Thank you!

  2. May I know how to set tooltip in module button setting

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  5. Hi I have watched the tutorial and it my questions is: is it better to built the website on an online situation? and what is the max html and SSE to add to your website to avoid compatibilty and overloading?

  6. Fredy shahzada,,,,, very nice, you are very nice, you helping the people with enthusiasm, you will get reward from God Inn Shaa Allah

  7. Dag volgens mijn ben je uit Nederland, weet ik niet zeker. ik schrijf in ned omdat beter is dan mijn eng. ik vin je geweldig. ik heb stap per stap je elementor uitleg gevolgd. nu ga ik Divi met je hulp ook proberen. ik zou echt leuk vinden je mening te weten: wat gebruik je zelf? elementen of divi? how Divi rates on a Google speed test? … jij bent de BESTE!

  8. Hands down the best custom theme out there for WordPress.

  9. Great video. Really appreciate it. May I ask how Divi rates on a Google speed test? Thank you

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  12. Ferdy great tutorial but the setup for loading Word Press is totally different I selected Word Press and it requested a path but the Domain is not pointing to this site. Nor did it mention anything related to adding the Site Description!! I'm lost and the new setup for WordPress.

  13. Website looks very bad in mobile view. How to optimize it?

  14. When I drag the buttons to another place they just stay where they are. I will keep messing.

  15. WOW this is incredible. I am going to play with this right now.

  16. Thank you for this tutorial, it's just amazing.

  17. thank you for the tutorial
    I want to ask about the limit of using the Divi theme
    if I choose the 1-year plan and designed a website for someone
    will the website working fine without reactivating the license by the end of the year or what will happen in a case like this?
    and >> is it legal to use the Divi theme by me to make more than one site for one time of paying?
    thank you again

  18. I paid 96,80 USD instead of 80 USD, something went wrong? And how much time does it take to install Divi? I have spent 15 min but nothing

  19. Ferdy. Thank you so much for this amazing video which covers such a wide range of things in a lot of detail but which is very simple and straight forward to understand. And that has your 'menu showing the time what section of your course you can find specific information for. Thank you for your time and effort bringing us this. I hope Divi is paying your effort here. 😉

  20. I recommend you hundreds of times. Thanks.

  21. Hye Fredy
    How are You,
    Can you teach us to make a travel agency web site through your wonderful videos..

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    I'll be greatful if you can suggest me any plugin

  26. I want to tell you thank you for taking the time to do such a detailed video. I am building my first website and was so lost and extremely frustrated I was almost in tears. After much research, I found your video on youtube. I've spent the last week following your video step by step. I am so overwhelmed with joy because this video was so thorough, detailed and easy to follow. I learned so much I cannot believe it!!! I am so happy and thankful for content creators like yourself. God Bless You and please continue to make great videos. I will be following all of your content (youtube, facebook, udemy, website, etc……) Thank you!!!!!!

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    thank you Ferdy!

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