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Comments ( 27 )

  1. Looks like the developer of this plugin is fighting his caorner after making all the extenstion paid. The very very basic of the plugin is free but from the comments over the last 6 months there are now security issues. One of the paid for extensions is a security feature to help prevent bruteforce attacks!

  2. Can't find this login plugin? I'm using Elementor, how do you add this?

  3. Great into. Can you show how after you log in that you are redirected to a page that is specific to that user and how you would determine what to display on that page dynamically?

  4. Can I use Theme My Login and add a Facebook login? Any guidance greatly appreciated!!

  5. Be advised: This is a commercial plugin. All that the video is showing is paid for!

  6. When I upload any audio or video files on my WordPress page then an error arises " this file is not permitted for security reasons" .
    How can I overcome this problem?
    My WordPress site is

  7. I have been using free WordPress page. I have no domain. Can I install this?

  8. Video did not help me. Just pointed me to extensions for which i need to pay to fully use. Bad guide cannot recommend.

  9. A plugin is updated ad they are providing the functions in paid.

  10. TML changed, too expensive. keep looking around for other options. too expensive

  11. great videa, smooth, helpful. Thank you so much.

  12. These settings are completely different for me.

  13. I use the theme my login plugin in my wordpress website.
    And I registered my personal email id and make a account now I can't login with my original email id plz help me in these case

  14. that's not for free anymore (n)

  15. Instead of Username or E-mail, Username only, E-mail only I have "Default, Username only, and Email" I'm guessing Default is username or email.

  16. Can this replace the login form of /wp-admin URL?

  17. TML settings changed please check it out again

  18. make video on how to make single page e-commerce site

  19. very essential tutorial. But if i want to payment invoice, how i do that.

  20. OMG your channel is soooo valuable! subscribed!!!

  21. can you do a video on fancy product designer please

  22. when a fee is paid for advanced versions, is it usable on multiple sites or is it a single site license.

  23. this lesson is nice. Thank you so much.

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