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How To Copy Google Drive Doc to WordPress and Keep the Formatting

How To Copy Google Drive Doc to WordPress and Keep the Formatting

Google Docs is a popular service for managing documents online. You can easily embed your Google Docs spreadsheets, documents, forms, and presentations into your blog by copying and pasting – however, it doesn’t always work.

My writers and I do most of our work within Google Drive / Google Docs. After the editor is done, we then need to move it to WordPress.

If we copy/paste from Google Drive to the Visual Editor the paragraphs and subheadings look wrong.

WordPress is an HTML-based publishing system, but word processors include tons of propriety formatting to help you make the page look nice for printing, formatting which WordPress generally can’t (and would never be able to) understand.

The answer lies in the difference between the Visual and Text editors in WordPress. You can get a lot of rogue HTML in there and this video shows you how to get rid of it.

Comments ( 6 )

  1. Wow, this just saved me untold hours of time. Thanks so much for this!

  2. It never allowed me to copy from Goggle Docs before.They are closing them down in April I want my stuff.

  3. I followed this video with my recent post and thank you so much, Rob! 🙂

  4. I'm loosing formatting such as booklet; the uploaded / downloaded word document loses this setting, and changes orientation. Another example is I created custom bullet points. Those get destroyed.

  5. Is the longest way that you can do this… if you write 20 articles day this is annoying

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