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How to change WordPress Admin email | Where to find Admin email in WordPress & change it in 2018

WordPress Tutorial on How to change WordPress Admin email. Where to find Admin email in WordPress.
I have covered every step in this WordPress Tutorial from finding Admin email in WordPress to change WordPress Admin email. This tutorial is for the latest version of WordPress and also for the older version of WordPress.
There is not much difference in changing the Admin email in WordPress in WordPress versions older than 4.9 and latest WordPress version 4.9.
In WordPress versions older than 4.9 “email validation” was not required.
But due to WordPress core change in v 4.9 Now, You require to validate email in order to change WordPress Admin email.
If You don’t validate email then there will be status “There is a pending change of your email to…” and Admin email will not change.

Steps for Changing WordPress Admin email in WordPress V4.9 or older:
1. Login to WordPress dashboard.
2.From the Left-hand side, Menu Click “General Settings” / Settings.
3. Find Email Address and change it.
4. Save New WordPress Admin email.

For WordPress Version 4.9 or newer
Now If You have installed the latest version of WordPress then confirm/validate newly added WordPress Admin email by clicking the link sent to the newly added email.

For Older WordPress than Version 4.9
You have successfully changed WordPress Admin email.

If you don’t receive the email for validating newly added email then cancel it and again add another email or same email and try again. Also, don’t forget to check your spam folder.

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Also, leave a comment below if it works or if any issue.

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