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How To Categorize Images In WordPress – Add Categories to WordPress Media Library

Hey Everyone! In this video ill show you how to categorize your images in your wordpress media library! Many of the times you get tons and tons of images and they are very hard to organize. With this plugin, you can clean up your images and just make it really easy to find your images

Here is a link to download the plugin

Thanks for watching! Make Sure to leave me a comment!

Comments ( 36 )

  1. great contact and your hair looks great mate.

  2. Great. You are awesome. So friendly. Keep going

  3. I loved your video. Short, sweet and right to the point of how to do it! I don't know what mic your using, but very clear and crisp! How you do more WordPress sites as I am preparing to build on next month. Thanks, great job!

  4. You are the best, Darrel! Your videos are always clear and easy to understand with great information. You give such great instructional videos to help others in building a website that can make money. Thank you for your hard work and for letting in know about SiteGround, too!

  5. This was good! I totally needed it

  6. Another great video! Always enjoy your content! Your hair looks awesome and you're cute!

  7. Bad days past but good people last. Great video

  8. You have a manly mane! Hope Pattywack feels better soon.

  9. Your hair looks AMAZING and you are an even better instructor! In my top 5 list. Many kisses for your dog.

  10. Darrel, Kind of late to comment, but do you know if there is any plugin to find images that are not used on any pages?  I sometimes remove a page and leave the images with the intention of removing them later and I forget.  Thank you for what you do here on YouTube.

  11. hey Darrel,
    I was looking for such a plugin for my site. Thanks a ton for posting it. Yeah your hair rocks bro

  12. Wow what a killer plugin! Thanks for sharing Darrel

  13. Man, You are great! Keep teaching idiots like me! I've started web design because of your tutorials! 🙂

  14. Your my "Go To Guy" for wordpress help. I appreciate all your hard work Darrel. Keep up the great work!

  15. I have a question, I'm on my wordpress page, flatsome theme, ux builder just keeps spinning half the time, when i do get in all my video say "LOADING" along with my testimonials…I backed it up, and got a staging website to go through it, but no other theme uses ux builder…What am i to do?

  16. Thanks for all your great videos and work. How would I be able to get a person to login in a website and give them their own templated page to begin, so that they may add pdf documents that would display just the front page on the frontend. Thanks again

  17. Wow! Thanks Darrel. Really need to organize images for my eCommerce site.

    Could you please make a video on how to verify emails for new users who register to my eCommerce site? Can't find a detailed enough video out here.


  18. Hello Darrel! Huge Fan here. I have a little request. Can you do a review of a hosting services/company which offers lifetime host? Like for example they offer a pay once host forever for $80 in a starter plan. we will really appreciate it.

  19. Thanks a million buddy, I've been struggling with Images like everyone else … ok ok your hair look good ! Hope my wife doesn't see this she might have other thoughts

  20. HI Darrel, You are Awesome, I am a silent admirer and often don't Comment, I am commenting here to let you know you are always appreciated for providing us great videos in your energetic voice and style, wishing you a very best

  21. Please make a video on how to make a freelancer website without using freelanceengine and micro job engine

  22. Hey Darrel the themes that is on your website and the other website are zip divi don’t allow that that want JSON Please Help

  23. Sorry your fur baby's sick. Wishing Pattywack a speedy recovery.

  24. You hair looks great… and now I'm going to go get a hair cut! 😉 Thanks for the Vids, they super helpful brother!

  25. many greetings from berlin…here it´s raining…best wishes to the dog

  26. Here's something: your tutorials are very good, good job !

  27. Hi Darrel, I went to wordpress repository and the plugin File Bird doesn't exist? First time I've listened to one of your vids suggesting a plugin and couldn't find it. Where did it go?

  28. hello Darrel, i have been your followers for quite sometimes and i have purchased some plugins through your affiliate link. Could you please tell me how you produce this type of video? do you use green screen? will logitech c920 provide such quality video?

  29. Now they have 1000 more usages . Like it and started to use. You can make subcategories too 🙂

  30. Thanks for your videos! Ive been your consistent viewer for exactly a year, that's when I started to build my website. With the help of your and couple other youtube channels that you mentioned I built and launched my website. Its been fun! Thanks! I still am learning alot from you as to how to maintain and keep my site safe and upgraded! Hope your dog get better soon!

  31. Darrel, thank you so much. It's been really, really great.

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