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How to Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console

An important step to optimize your site for search engines is to add your site to Google Search Console which can also be called Google Webmaster Tools. There are many suggestions for tips and tools to increase search traffic on their site, using Google Webmaster tools with these tips can be incredibly helpful. In this video we will show you how to add your WordPress site to Google Search Console.

Start by visiting the Google Search Console site:

This will ask you to add a property to your Search Console and you will be wanting to add your website for your data to be tracked properly. The first offered method would be to upload a file to your site but we will be using a different method so you would want to go under the Alternate methods tab. The specific method we will be using is the HTML tag method so you will want to select that option.

For adding the tag to your site it will need to be added into the header of your site and to do this we will be installing and activating the Insert Headers and Footers plugin found here:

You will add the code into the header section of your site for Google to be able to find it. For that you would copy and paste the code from your search console into the top code block and save it to your site.

Be sure to clear any caching for Google Search Console to be able to verify the code was added to your site properly. It may take a few days for the data to be fully collected but your site should now be added to Google Search Console.

Text version of this tutorial

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Comments ( 24 )

  1. Great video! Thank you. I watched this video already in 2018 and I did everything you said but there is still no data, nothing. It says URL is not on Google – This page is not in the index, but not because of an error… Can you please help me with issue? Muchly appreciated.

  2. Is there an update since Google got rid of the old Search Console? Seems there is no HTML option now.

  3. please guide me, that how I can remove url from search console. like excluded etc

  4. it then asks me for DNS ownership verification

  5. Hello, thanks very much for your insights!. I use Mailgun to send and receive emails.
    How do I correct the message below:


    Verification method:

    Domain name provider

    Failure reason:

    We couldn't find your verification token in your domain's TXT records.

    We found these DNS TXT records instead:

    v=spf1 ~all

    v=spf1 -all

    Sometimes DNS changes can take a while to appear. Please wait a few hours, then reopen your property in Search Console. If verification fails again, try adding a different DNS TXT record.

    Please fix your implementation and reverify, or use another verification method.

    Learn more

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Thank you very much,but I have a question.Is there any other way to do it without having to install any plugin?Because,in my case, i am using the remote free domain so i am not allowed to install any plugin at least that i do not contract a paying plan.

    And that is the problem that i have

    thank you very much

  7. These solutions require you to have a WP Business account. How can I do this with a Premium WP account?

  8. I use "Rank Math" plugin instead of Yoast SEO, Can i put this code to it. Or it's not require.

  9. She made it feel like 1+1! It can't be better on the topic

  10. Thanks for the informative video. Heartily thanks. God bless 🙂

  11. Didn't work. Won't let me download plugins without upgrading to WordPress Business.

  12. Thanks. Simple, easy and to the point.

  13. I watched so many videos but none of them helped. Yours is the best and easiest method. Thank you so much.

  14. I've been struggling with this Google Console thing for over an hour trying to figure out how to do it. With your tutorial I completed the whole process in 5 minutes. Big thank you!

  15. tell me about …your codes …. for

  16. WOW!!! Thank you this methods is the easiest on youtube.

  17. Yay. When I followed other videos, my google property status was "failed". Thank you very much for an easy to follow vid.

  18. It doesn't work for me, not recognizing the HTML tag added. Any suggestion?

  19. This was SO much more helpful than other videos I watched, thank you!

  20. it worked for me thank you so much you have save me from over thinking about how I'm gonna get my site on Google

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