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How to add TESTIMONIALS to WordPress

Learn how to add testimonials to WordPress in this video. We’re going to be using a plugin that makes it very easy to add great looking, responsive testimonials to your WordPress website..

Get the plugin here:

More videos at

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Comments ( 7 )

  1. Thanks for the video!? ? We also did testimonials videos! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! ?

    Waiting for you answer!!


  2. Sadly the plugin isn't available!

  3. He looks like Mark zuckerberg

  4. how can i add testimonials in user dashboard?

  5. Hey WP, i was thinking of buying the followliker bot for instagram,twitter,tumblr,pinterest and automating my social profiles and buying longtail pro for KR and creating some sites! can you tell how is this plan? and should i focus on niche sites or micro-niche sites? and what kind of sites should i go for.. review or the online amazon store ones? please i need your help! thanks a lot

  6. Nice video, looks nice and easy to config THanks!

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