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How to Add Social Media Buttons to WordPress with Elementor Page Builder

This tutorial explains how to add social media buttons to WordPress with the Elementor page builder plugin. With this free widget, you don’t need to do any coding, and can easily add a list of horizontal buttons that are connected to your social media profile pages. Get Elementor Free Forever:

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Comments ( 24 )

  1. How do you add the social media icons alongside/within the header menu?

  2. Thanks, very helpful! What should I put in the link box? For facebook, Should I put in: or something else?

  3. it would be nice if there was a Patreon option. Seems pretty useful 😉

  4. Hi, how can I add the social profile buttons in my web footer area ?

  5. Hello! It would be awesome to have a Strava social app icon 🙂

  6. This doesn't put the icon on my page when I press preview.

  7. Please update the icon for YouTube.

  8. my links are getting prefixed with my site name

  9. Does this widget only work on the pro version? I have the basic version when I add the social icons widget it doesn't look like that. Under content there is one section : it says Title, size and url. When I add my instagram url it adds a small dot in the widget and that's all .. there's no way to add more and when I go on my homepage there is just a dot at the bottom of the page that leads to my instagram page. Theres no logo or anything the dot is so small no one would realise what it is

  10. my icons are showing ! and ? what to do?? help asap

  11. Please help. Elementor pro – Theme twenty sixteen – no other plugins active – SOCIAL ICONS WILL NOT STAY WHERE DESIRED WHILE ZOOMING IN AND OUT. How can I make social icons always stay at the top right and not keep scooting to the left on my page when I zoom out?

  12. Hello Noa. Thanks for the video. I wanted to know if you guys support the following social media icons on Elementor's Social Icons Widget: Telegram, Medium/ and if not are you guys planning on adding them anytime soon. Also if you guys do not provide the Telegram and/or Medium social media icons on Elementor's Social Icons Widgets I was wondering if we can add them as custom social media icons and if so if we could add them in SVG format?

  13. I have the same problem as Diane's. The social media icons also go vertical instead of horizontal. I have tried several times. The problem persists. I had the exact same issue on the free version of Elementor and I was hoping that with Elementor Pro the issue would be resolved. The problem is still there: icons displaying vertically… Other than that I feel that Elementor offers great features!

  14. Nice thnk you. How do you ad them to the BLOGS? I have a blog page , I would like to ad them to each article separately and also to the category page

  15. Thank you for the great presentation, Noaa. I wish the mic didn't pick up every click and keyboard as an thump—it's distracting. Something to consider for future tutorials.

  16. I want to keep the original colors but instagram is just straight black? Please update it to reflect the current color scheme:

  17. Any social icon floating side bar features available?

  18. I love your videos..they are great. I have one problem…my social media icons go vertical and not horizontal. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance

  19. I'm waiting for social share widgets by Elementor.

  20. so what link shall I add to those buttons? They do not share the content when I add, for example, link to it, they only take me to facebook. Am I doing something wrong?

  21. Hi, do you have a button for sharing by mail? I canot find it among the other "share buttons" even in the pro version.

    Are you intending to add a print button? It may be too difficult, I don't know, but for site dedicated to long articles, it will much appreciated!!!

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