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Comments ( 30 )

  1. Finally! An amazing plugin to help with social login! Make sure to share this video if it helped you out!

  2. Thanks Darrell for the tutorial. But the social buttons just looks ugly when I added them to the site. Is there any way to use this with Elementor pro ?

  3. Hi, really good your video. I would like to know what software do you use to record your screen? It's look prity good!

  4. Can we chance the social media login logo to a bigger one?

  5. This doesn't work anymore. Do you have an updated video?

  6. Hi there
    Can you please help me out ?
    We make sign up/log in option in our website(email id/mobile number/passwords)

    How to get the data of users who are signed up/registered on our website (login option) ?
    And where does it get stored ?

  7. Can't Load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.

  8. Hey, how do you make such videos with you popping out in video?

  9. Which is the best free "login logout register" plugin which collaborates well with this plugin? TY

  10. I am currently using wp user management plugin that allows user to create account with frontend and if i use this tool then will i need to uninstall wp user management plugin

  11. Though after logged in the sign up option still remains. how do i remove that?

  12. Hi sir.
    can you send me your whatsapp number . so i chat with you
    actually i am using flatsome theme and i am trying Super Socializer
    but it put by default my wp-admin . it didn't show on my flatsome login page.
    what is reason . plz help me this situation g.

  13. Not working you should have to do more research bro before posting this video

  14. this tutorial is obsolete, there are tons more options now

  15. it is very helpful. Maybe you should start promote your fivver or freelancer job if you have one. I am sure a lot of people will need your service. You can build trust on youtube using free tutorial video. Maybe you can earn more and provide more tutorial videos in the future. it is a win win game.

  16. Just a Update. I had to add a URL from the SuperSocializer in the "Valid OAuth redirect URIs".
    This configuration in the Facebook App configuration is in:
    Product > Login Facebook > Configuration > Valid OAuth redirect URIs
    Then past your equivalent URL, like: "".

  17. It would be really helpful for an updated tutorial on this one! Thanks ?

  18. thanks bro. But i have a questions so if u don't mind can i ask you some of them?

  19. yeah… everything changed completely! So… this video is a good video but it is now obsolete!

  20. the interface at developers facebook has changed significantly. and it didn't work for me. Maybe you wanna make a 2019 video for it.
    Thanks for the effort

  21. I think you are cool. Hope you are making good money out of this. Because I think you deserve that.

  22. does not work with me. You haven mentioned at all the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs, which I am obliged to least I get notifications..hmm

  23. what if my website is not host sorry for my english

  24. not working for me, gives a message. I have it on the left panel.

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