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How To Add Shortcodes Or Buttons In The WordPress Header & Widget Areas

How To Add Shortcodes Or Buttons In The WordPress Header & Widget Areas
Beaver Builder Resources:
More Info:
Beaver Builder:

Take advantage of the header in WordPress by adding a call to action there. Problem is you need to use a shortcode. The Shortcode further helps in styling your website.

I will show you two very useful and FREE Plugins which will help you put shortcodes in your menu and widgets as well.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Table of Contents:

00:30 Calls to Action
01:12 Beaver builder Shortcode Feature
01:52 Plugins installation (Shortcodes in Menus and Shortcodes Anywhere or everywhere)
02:59 Settings for Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere
03:34 How to put the Shortcode in Menu
04:10 Enable Templates Admin
04:35 How to make and save a Module in Beaver Builder
05:12 CTA Button Launch Page Builder
05:37 Changing Dual Button Settings
06:45 Layout CSS
07:16 Publishing Changes
07:32 Slug of the Saved Module
08:02 Main Menu (Shortcode)
09:22 Refreshing to see the Change
10:24 How you can use this for styling your website

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Comments ( 43 )

  1. i dont see button in my models (beaver builder) i cant be able to add a button what can i do?

  2. Man if we keep adding all your plugins it will totally slow up the site

  3. Can you please make a video on how to edit default widgets in wordpress?

  4. Thanks fot the great video!

    If you use a lot of shortcodes in your website I suggest "Shortcodes finder", a time saver plugin to manage them.

  5. Is there any plugin inwoocommerce that give access to admin to add products in to cart instead of user or atleast any plugins to make order on hold until the admin verifies the order..?

  6. How can a visual impaired click this button? I mean can blind click this audio button?

  7. Olá

    Desculpe, eu tive uma pergunta: este plugin só funciona na versão paga?

    Outra coisa: estou usando este Shortcode: [webdirectory custom_home = 1] e funciona bem.

    Mas eu tenho que adicionar outros Shortcode que são complementares. Mas eles não funcionam, quando visualizo a página em que aparecem quando são escritos.

    Estou fazendo algo errado?

    Por favor, me dê uma dica

    Muito obrigado

  8. Can I do this with enfold theme or only your theme? Want to add a phone number (enfold has this option but it’s too small)

  9. great tricks & tips for me, i saw a lot things, i never see before

  10. To be honest, your older version is way much better than your younger version! Your DNA strain is becoming longer rather than shorter? How's that possible?! SUPER STRANGE!

  11. So much for this… it only works with the paid version. 🙁 Great info, but doesn't help me. Love your videos.

  12. I want to add a question mark (?) at the end of a sentence or a word, like when you hover your courser over the question mark there'd be a small information card / bubble that pops up with more information about content of the sentence it follows.

    I don't know what they are called so it's hard to find something about them,. I've come across this one plugin called infopopup and it wants short code, I have no idea about short code. I've heard it but I don't how to utilize it. Have you any videos covering this?

  13. The plugin "Shortcode in Menus" will not show up in settings after installing and activating. How to solf this problem?

  14. Hi Adam. I am looking to add a sign in and join with the email and password fields in the top bar of my site.

  15. Great video. Can u also teach how to add "Get a Response" on TOp of the Website , thannnnnnnks

  16. adam, i have created a popup using button in elementor and paste the shortcode of elementor popup in shortcodes menu…. it is best working in desktop but it is not working in mobile… can you resolve this?

  17. Awesome Tip – wish I discovered this 4 hours ago lol – thank you your videos continue to be a big help with Beaver Builder customisations

  18. wow, most of the plugins are made by indians.

  19. sir how to create a real estate search filter with plugins

  20. Hello, How to attach a contact form with CTA

  21. Hello sir
    Is it is possible to create two multivendor store (both are for diffrent purpose but are multivendor) on a single store (ie.when the user visit our main store which should be a muilti vendor store its ok . But in order to access second multi vendor store whose icon or button is in main menu bar.. He simply 'click ' the button of second store that is present in menu bar and then assec second ones

  22. This is working also with Elementor? I would like to add a shortcode into a button, but I failed…

  23. do you no if this is possible with muffin bulder my theme is be theme

  24. Hi, Thank you! – I have the Storefront theme and would like to have the contact form in the footer and a phone button in my header. – Is that possible? – I was looking into the Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere plugin but it hasn't been updated for two years and it's not tested on my version of WP. – Is it still the plugin you recommend? – Sorry about all the question. Have a great day 🙂

  25. I'm assuming you could do the same with Divi and Elementor? I'm not sure how to make the shortcodes.

  26. Adam , How would I make a clickable button in the header area with my phone number in the wp & elementor and astra theme. I can't seem to figure it out, It has the widget in the astra theme but I don't understand how to connect it when I'm in the customizer ,   any help would be most appreciated. thank you for all your help . can't wait for you to see my site that I've learned from you .

  27. Please Help! I created the CTA Button and added the shortcode: [fl_builder_insert_layout slug=“cta-button”] to the menu in the shortcodes plugin. But it doesn't show up in my header. Do you know what is wrong? Thank you!

  28. Very helpful video Adam! In this video, the button was positioned next to nav menu. How do you position it above the menu as you recommended for local business website?

  29. Is there a way to add a link to the top right of a header without any fancy coding? I was hoping this app might do that but now I'm not too sure.

    I greatly appreciate the reply!

  30. This was very helpful thank you. Ive used some short code from the Ultimate Social Media Icons plugin to place the icons in the navigation bar but the icons are pushing the bar width wider as they are shoved up against the top of the bar. They sit properly to the right of the navigation links but are not sitting inline or in the center of the nav bar. is there a way to adjust this? Thanks!

  31. Hi, how are you? im back again, would you like to tell me what social icons wordress plugin is best? i always want social icons to show the left side of the articles or on screen? can u recommend 2 or 3 to me? thanks much

  32. is it possible to add icon to a button ?

  33. Good Day…I have worked on websites for a couple of years with Dreamweaver and I will be making 1 or 2 Disney sites with word press. I have seen hundreds (seriously) of videos on programming, widgets, headers, etc. I find everyone of your videos entertaining and knowledgeable with regards to WordPress. Thank you for all the information you provide. You are the best! Keep up the good work…
    Thank you,

  34. thank you very much for the video. would it not been better to indicate this is for bb in your video title?

  35. is this plugin working on DIVI?

  36. the shortcodes anywhere plugin doesn't exist anymore…

  37. How to add social media icons in wardress site menu?

  38. hi there I really like your videos they are pretty easy to understand. It's my first time building the website and unfortunately I'm not really tech-savvy. The template or theme that I chose already has a built in button. I just need to know how to insert a short code to have the person fill out a form. I would really appreciate any help you can give me on that.

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