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How to Add mp3/Music Player to WordPress That Works with All Devices

– free wordpress training – This is an HTML5 Plugin that Plays MP3 and OGG file formats, and capable to be run on All Devices, such as IOS, Android, All Tablet and Ofcourse laptop and desktop computers.

Comments ( 11 )

  1. Remember – this only works for Self Hosted WordPress, not WordPress dot com – so if you don't have a self hosted wordpress, please visit the link in the video description to learn how to setup your own self hosted wordpress in less than 2 hours.

  2. i dont have plugin in my word press 🙁 i dont know wat to do

  3. Simples, prático e muito bom !!!!!! Valeu Tarek 😉

  4. Hi, thanks for the website. I got all the way to uploading the media files and it is saying the maximum upload size is 2MB. Is this correct? I even installed the latest version of both the plugin and WordPress. Most of my songs are between 6-10MB, and I don't want to dumb down the file to fit because it would lose a lot of sound quality. Please get back to me at your earliest response. Thanks!
    (Website is my name)

  5. I am a wordpress expert and I recorded some video tutorials for wordpress. WordPress developers say that it's the most extensive wordpress course of 2013. You can find a link to this training course on my channel. check it out.

  6. Just add the Using Auto Play Option

    Use the “autoplay” parameter in the shortcode to play the audio file on page load. Here is an example shortcode with autoplay option:

    [sc_embed_player autoplay=true fileurl="mp3 file url"]

  7. Are you using wordpress? Or self hosted version of WordPress? May be that's why….Wordpress site, don't have plugin functionality.

  8. but there is not plugin button on my account :S

  9. I found this video very late last night after struggling for hours to embed an audio clip into my blog post. Thank you for making this video, it saved me from giving up on the audio clip

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