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How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website – 2018!

Learn how to easily install Google Analytics to your WordPress website! Simple to do, and you also get an overview of stats in your WordPress dashboard!
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It’s very simple. You don’t need to add the code to the header/footer of all your pages.

We’re using the free plugin with over 800,000 active install “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP” and we just need create an analytics account and authorise access!

And I’ll also show you to block analytics from tracking your own visits!

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Hogan Chua

Comments ( 46 )

  1. Really helpful tutorial – thank you!

  2. Thank you so much, I have a question How to add website on other email address ?

  3. Can you suggest a good landing page plugin?

  4. Perfect tutorial. I spent hours trying to do it myself and I just had to watch your tutorial and it is working. A huge thank you

  5. Hi Hogan, does this plugin also installs Google Tag Manager? or should we add that separately? If we have to do that separately, do we do it with the same plugin or do we need to add another one? Thank you so much for all your tutorials!!! All of the are great! 😀

  6. I highly appreciate all you help Teacher Hogan Chua! I am learning a lot from you! All credits will go to you! Thanks!

  7. Such a great piece of information. Thank you so much for the quick tutorial!!

  8. The tutorial is really helpful and easy to understand!
    On my Google Analytics page I have a notification saying "The property websitename has no hits" (or something similar as it's in German. I didn't find any explanation or solution to that. Is it a problem?

  9. Thanks Hogan for such an easy way to install Google Analytics! If I create new pages, the Google analytics code would install to those pages too automatically? Or do I have to make some kind of refresh in the settings or something like that?

  10. Hey Hogan. Just want to ask. I delete in my google analytics one of our website. As I deleted and return after the data in the previous day/months cannot retrieve?


  12. This tutorial video was very much needed for me? And very much helpful. Thank you?

  13. Thank you so much for this tutorial. You are awesome!!!!! So easy to follow. Great job.

  14. I found Dashy – Google Analytics dashboard being the most effective way to embed analytics and have a sull set of data in dashboard.

  15. Hey hogan. Great video as always. But do you think "analytics dashboard for wp" or "monsterinsights" is better? Nowadayw many reviews said monsterinsights….
    What do you think? Cheers

  16. Great video you explain it well you should be a teacher

  17. Thank You I got this straight!… after other tutorials failures!

  18. Great tutorial. Nice and straightforward. And the step by step through the screens was very helpful.

  19. Great informative, easy to understand video. Thank you.

  20. It's work perfectly.
    Thank you so much

  21. wordpress says opensource and free but it costs…even for personal use. wtf…

  22. thanks men you are a life saver

  23. Hogan this is the easiest to follow tutorial I've seen. Thank you!

  24. I keep getting this error:
    Last Error:
    2018-04-03 13:13:01: exception 'Google_Service_Exception' with message 'Error calling GET (403) User does not have sufficient permissions for this profile.'

  25. Superb tutorial and a nice extra item about blocking yourself from analytics. Very clear and easy to follow.

  26. Just watched and followed along with your tutorial on Google analytics to WP. So easy to follow and I think I got it the 1st time around!! Thank you so much!!

  27. I was so dreading having to figure out how to install code on each page of my site – and you saved me from it! Many thanks. Easy, clear tutorial.

  28. thank you so much, I am doing my website and needed advice. Video was simple, easy to understand and follow! Thanks again!

  29. I followed everything and it worked, thank you very much Hogan. Good job continue

  30. Hi. Thank you for making it so simple. 🙂 I am designing a website for a client with wordpress, should I put my google analytics details or my clients? Or it does not matter? I am not really sure how it works. Thanks 🙂

  31. thank you so much. Its really helpful

  32. Please my traffic is really low since a year that I started working, how do I resolve this issue

  33. Thanks for the simple tutorial! 🙂

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