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Comments ( 7 )

  1. It doesnt work for me 🙁
    I put the FB base code into the header.php file of the child theme, after <header>. But FB pixel helper says no pixel is fired. And when I view source code, I cannot even find <header>. Why?

  2. Shouldn’t you put the code in the child theme ? Cause if the theme gets updated you lose the pixel ?

  3. Hello again:
    I saw it it was excellent video , short and up to the point , even me that I used to be an economist almost got it 🙂 Question now : I nunderstand that if we put pixel directly to WordPress find appearnce ander then editor etc But there i saw that in Select at the right up select theme to edit you say if you are using Child theme and click Rankya Theme and NOt (Rankya Child Theme) . Im not o developer but I want to know why you Choose Rankya Theme and NOT Rankya Child Theme , is thta because Rankya Theme is Under Rankya Child Theme ? Ok? What is let's say a Child theme (start with that definition plz).

    As you proceed at 2.19 under themes you proceed with Rankya and NOT with Rankya-child Thats it THANK you in Advance 🙂

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