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How To Add Different Sidebars to Pages on WordPress

In this video, I’m going to show you how to add different sidebars on each page of WordPress. You can have it that only one sidebar is different, or you can change a few of them!

Worth Noting: You can use this to change ANY WIDGET AREA, not just your sidebars!

Having the ability to change our sidebars to be different on each page makes WordPress a whole lot more customizable.

5 Simple Ideas for using different sidebars:

1. Banner Ads that match the content in the post
2. Different Contact Forms for enquiring about each service you offer
3. Author Bios (if you have a few different authors, each can have their own sidebar)
4. Money Off Coupons
5. Click to Call Buttons that call through to different extensions of your number (different teams)

Video Length: 6 minutes 22 seconds

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Install “Easy Custom Sidebars” Plugin
01:40 Setting Up Our New Sidebars
04:04 Populating Our New Sidebars
06:00 Outro

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Comments ( 49 )

    Want to learn how to build a website with WordPress in 2019?
    Then check out this BRAND NEW tutorial of mine:

    It will guide you through the entire process, step by step, and in way that anyone should be able to understand (even if you have ZERO previous experience!)

    I really hope you like it!

    Until Next Time,


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  2. Hi Marty,

    Enjoyed your video, just wanted to know the theme you used that has all those sidebar options, looks like it was made for marketers.
    Please let me know where I can get it.


  3. Great Video. Looking from 1 hour and found the solution here.

  4. This did not work. It did not replace the Sidebar and all my settings are correct. Can I get some help here? I also have bbPress installed and that plugin often screws with my other plug ins. But I have to have bbPress or some kind of forum plug in for my site. Advice? Alternative sidebar that works with bbPress?

  5. If there is no side bar for a theme, and it showing only footer 1 and footer 2 while we are selecting which side to be added how should we overcome through?

  6. Thanks bro! I totally appreciate it. Fast and easy.

  7. Super easy to follow and quick! Subscribing for sure. Thanks Marty I've been looking for a concise explanation of how to sort this for yonks.

  8. Drink every time he says side bar

  9. Thanks a lot.. I want to add image slideshow in right bar. so which plugin is good?

  10. hi,
    how to hide a sidebar for a particular page?

  11. Business top sidebar is showing in my case!! There is showing footer 1 , 2, that ! So how to import them in???

  12. Absolutely brilliant! I was struggling for several hours trying to figure out how the widgets, menus, and sidebars all linked up…this video explained everything very clearly and saved the website! Thanks 🙂

  13. I attempted this, I am trying to add a second side bar to my front page. My original sidebar disappeared and now I have no sidebars.

  14. my side bar came across as a footer at the bottom of the page. Did I do something wrong? I want it on the side of my page not the bottom. Thanks!

  15. it's not a free plugins, it will get down some times, then next page will not open it.

  16. why u have so many option for sidebar (Sidebar to Replace) i just have blog sidebar, footer 1, fotter 2

  17. Thanks for the precise tutorial. Unfortunately it worked for me once but after that its not working, i have tried several times to re edit and watched this video more than 10 times to no avail. how can you assist me?

  18. Thank you Marty. Your video was very helpful. Awesome 🙂

  19. Excellent video ! I'm glad I found you !

  20. Great tutorial! Your accent is so interesting. Where are you from?

  21. Great tutorial my friend, well explained and very clear! Thank you!

  22. If you are new to WordPress, you might like this. A complete beginners guide to WordPress: @MartieDread

  23. hey! nice video but didn't work for me. As i select sidebar to replace in sidebar properties, it does not show any sidebar created by me. but as i choose footer 1 to replace it works and all the items for the created sidebar widget is shown.
    Help to solve, Looking Forward…vl subscribe then 🙂 😉
    Reminder: i am using 2017 theme

  24. Great tutorial. Very informative and clear. Thank you. Keep it up!!!

  25. I have been able to insert blog posts on the side bar but the links to the posts are not working. How do I fix them? Does anything need to be done with permalink?

  26. thank you
    but how can i put a new aditional side bar (thre is a plugin ?)

  27. Perfect! This is what I am looking for. Thankyou again!

  28. Dear Sir, you saved my life! Thank you thank you! Just a suggestion maybe you can add in the title or description of this video that it helps people to add widgets to whatever pages or posts they want to.

  29. You're an absolute diamond

    Many thanks!

  30. Can I ask what Theme you are using Please?

  31. Brilliant Video. can i add a Picture to that side bar? Or a Video?

  32. Your tuto looks like things are easy. I have to try. Thanks.

  33. That was so easy … thank you very much:)

  34. Hey Martie. Great Video.
    But i have a question , how to disable default sidebar? ( which is in every page )
    I don't want to show both sidebars.

  35. I don't see left sidebars to select where I want. Why is it so?

  36. In theory this works ok. But my problem is, that there is just too many options, and I get lost what is what. My main problem is that I need different sidebars (blog, shop, single article, product categories, about us, contact us pages etc.) and all of them are different height. Ghrrrrr. So frustrating !

  37. The tutorial is very clear and helpful. Thanks! But I got a question: why my sidebar has double line frame? How can I create a sidebar without frame like yours?

  38. Hello

    Is there any chance you could help me to set up a sidebar on my theme's home page? My theme currently does not have a sidebar built-in. Thank you

  39. Thank you so very much for the step by step easy to understand detailed instructions! I super appreciate it!

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