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How to Add Buttons to WordPress With Elementor

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In this video, I will show you how to use the button widget on the Elementor page builder to add buttons on WordPress.

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Comments ( 36 )

  1. How do you add function to a button? I am trying to get Stripe payment form to open with an Elementor button widget…any suggestions or tutorials? Thank you.

  2. useless . we need to know how to create the function of the button not change a color.

  3. Only it wont drag and drop oh and default is spelt wrong

  4. I have noticed a no-follow option for links. Can you talk a little bit about this?

  5. This doesn't help, it's self-explanatory. Describe how to link to other pages and how to do things that are unique.

  6. i have custom button images that i want to add text to. how is this possible?

  7. How can change login button on header to logout after login

  8. Nice with the styling, BUT, how do you add the LINK??

  9. why dont u explain the advanced settings?!?? thats what i came here for.! How can i prevent the buttons from moving around as i insert text or images

  10. Please thumbs up to help others.
    I'm using the particlejs background and my buttons would not work.They were linked to the pages correctly but still were not responsive.
    This was solved by clicking the button, going to advanced, and increasing the z-index number. That's it. They work now. Woohoo!

  11. Hi. How to create This current button into ReadMore button. Maiby there is some plugin, if you know??? You know to hide and show more text by this button

  12. The fact that the Elementor button module does not have a page selector in the Link area is actually ridiculous. So, so elementary. This issue was brought up over a year ago and it's still not fixed. What are you doing.

  13. Is there an active button option. I'd like to make my button a certain color when active. Thanks.

  14. My buttons keep disappearing as soon as I set the link to the correct page. I've tried deleting and redoing them multiple times, they delete every time!

  15. I added elementor to my site and it's been nice and convenient, but I have a huge problem after adding. I had a read more button and tag on. Now I don't and elementor just took it away and pretty much destroyed my site and this DOES NOT help in the least bit. How am I to remedy this situation?

  16. Goodevening miss you are very helpful thanks

  17. useless video, I just wasted my time hoping you would show us how to link pages with button.

  18. rite at 1:25, in that box where it says "Link" above it and there's that "#" sign and I've noticed that you don't change it to a "/" (forward slash). I have and it worked the same

  19. I don't care how cool I can make the button if it doesn't do what I want it to, LINK TO ANOTHER PAGE! When I paste a link into the link window, update the change, then test it live, it only goes to my home page. When I hover over the live button a box pops up on the bottom left of my screen and it shows my homepage in front of the link I want the button to go to. As of right now I'm not using the button widget because it doesn't work!

  20. How to add a link to external URL… When I insert Custom URL…. It just directs to Page inside my Web itself succedeed by inserted Custom URL. Unable to solve this.. Pls help resolving this

  21. I cannot figure out how to add paypal button using elementor – I edit the code using paypal code – but elementor overrides some how?
    Please assist

  22. What about a Full-Width button, that takes all the width of its container?

  23. Noah, you've spent so much time on the "cool" features of the button (not "buddon") and none on the most basic question: how to link to an internal page on the same website. Exactly how should the link read? Also, please learn to pronounce "etc." It's "et cetera," not "ek cetera."

  24. have you elementor pro? cause i do not see the button hover in my elementor (i dont have pro) im poor _

  25. How can I make a button ''read more'' and just put more text want they click on the button

  26. how can i add a link to a page on a button?

  27. i am having a problem in creating a link in page and connect it to dropdown

  28. How do you add a "Bookmark this Page" link to a button? or On a phone, add page to your favorites?

  29. How do I put two buttons beside each other in the same row?

  30. Please talk or explain more about the links. That's the most important part. Where can I get the link from? I have tried copy-and-paste link to that field, but my button did not work. Thank you.

  31. ok I have this issue, if im creating a button that sends to another page like "about" on the link's place, should I put the name of the page "about" as I created it on the page menu? ps: Im on my local server

  32. Hello, what's the best way to place a second button inline with another? So 2 buttons placed next to eachother? Thanks in advance

  33. how do I make a button Ajax action, if a user puts the email and press "subscribe", instead of redirect to any new page, it will show "thank u for subscribing" right in the button text or in another text area, is it possbile

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