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How to add BACKGROUND MUSIC to WordPress website

How to add BACKGROUND MUSIC to your WordPress website
Add background music to WordPress website – wp tutorial
Soundy Background Music free simple plugin

Download plugin –

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Comments ( 45 )

  1. I can't find soundy background

  2. Can I customise its appearance?

  3. Since this video is not valid anymore because plugin is closed I made NEW TUTORIAL –
    Check it out, thank you!

  4. this widget has closed … find a new way .

  5. It requires a Business plan $20/month, billed once every 2 years. Kind of a rip off for something a regular domain would offer.


  7. its sad that plugin is already closed 🙁

  8. This plugin was closed on December 16, 2018 and is no longer available for download.

  9. Thank you for the nice video, my question is the music can not play continuously, each time I change page, it strops and restarts, anywhere to set to make the music play continuously no matter which page I click? Thank you very much

  10. Thank you, very nice and easy to follow clip, The only it doesn't show the button in Mobile (and of course no music), I see some other people had the same issue, did you find a fix? my site is

  11. Does it work when you switch between website pages? I have this issues:
    When I open my website the music does not auto-start (I did check this box). It does start autoplay when I go to another page. But then when I go back to my homepage I hear two tracks. Third page – three tracks.

  12. The auto play doesn't work in mobile. Do you know how to make auto play in mobile?

  13. I was really bummed out in trying so many other plugins for audio and when I came to yours, man it was a blessing. Was EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! Thank you!

  14. WOW worked, Thanx a lot.. subscribed.. looking forward to watching your youtube channel thanx again.

  15. Thanks. Just what I was looking for, and so straightforward.

  16. Can custom for only specific page ? I'm try to choosing in Preview in context menu but return to select page.

  17. Auto stop soundy when other media starts

  18. I tried doing this but i dont think it works if you have a free website.

  19. Dear Sir: I purchased Soundy Background Pro…$15 through paypal ….was unsuccessful in receiving license.

  20. Greattt!!! the only video to explain a true optimal plugin to music…(3 hours searching) Thanksssss

  21. so what if my music file exceeds the maximun upload size. Maximun upload size is 2 MB. Where do I go from there?

  22. When I tried to add a 21MB mp3 I keep getting HTTP Error ..I was wondering if I add 2-3 different music file can it shuffle or play one track after the other? thanks

  23. hi, thanls for sharing, l did every thing as you said but it doesnt works and it says ( Need a Play/Pause button adapted to your site ? ) what should l do could you please help?

  24. There is a plugin conflict with my counter Plugin

  25. Can we add background music to free wordpress blogs ?

  26. Thank you! Very easy. I didn't know about this button.

  27. Thanks for this simple an nice video.

  28. Nice work bro, thumbs up :))))

  29. Hi
    but when I open the in the phone you have to manually start it?

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