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How to add AdSense Auto Ads to WordPress without coding

This tutorial explains how to add the AdSense Auto Ads code to your WordPress site without actually touching any code.
Find more details and information about how to add Auto Ads only to specific pages on

Comments ( 19 )

  1. Can you please create a video tutorial on how to add google normal ads and place it manually on the website ?

  2. I can't seem to find option to limit visible ads on my page. Is it still possible to have not so many at a time?

  3. Awesome Work! But i have a question… In the whole process we are not selecting that which types of ads to show with this method but in manually Auto Ads we chose which types of ads to show. Will your method show all types of ads?

  4. You stupid man.. Finish this thing.

  5. Thank you so much. This is the most helpful tutorial I got for autoads plugin.

  6. this is of great help! thank you so much!

  7. Hi, ive followed along but i have a problem! the ads seem to show on mobile with an addbar either top or bottom but nothing is appearing on websites on pc or laptop!

  8. why are you hiding the likes and dislikes . this was very helpful

  9. Please help me, I did as explained but now Google Adsense show recommended ads under copyright footer on the mobile version, how can i move these ads block to the top above copyright? I already turn off my Adsense auto ads unit account but it still shows

  10. How to add Ads in my website pages and post?

  11. hey i did everything as you said but no ads are being shown to my blog , can you tell me the reason please ? this is my blog please tell

  12. Thank you so much! I'm not the most tech savvy person and I didn't know how the heck to do it lol! I kept getting messages that it wasn't "writable" and felt as though I was getting nowhere…rather frustrating. Even after watching several tutorials on YouTube, I was stuck. You made it SO SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP, all with the Advanced Ads plugin. Much appreciated.

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