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Comments ( 43 )

  1. I installed jetpack, however, I dont have the options for slideshow.

  2. Thanks a lot. Easier than I thought!

  3. how to add ppsx or powerpoint slideshow

  4. I bought a theme on wordpress that came with a slideshow, but I don't know how to add pictures to it

  5. Hi
    Have A Good Day
    My Dear'one
    Hello Me Want to Helped i make a site on power point Please.

  6. Hey this was such a great help but matcha labs? i cant find her as the author for it. its only Team Updraft? but its the same thing? confused.

  7. Fs you talk so much man, just get on with it

  8. Hi prettier, Can you please let me know the name of the program that you used in recording video

  9. thanks for making this so simple

  10. Awesome job, we went with number 2 as it best fit our needs on the foosye® platform for a specific customer segment. #MakeItHappen

  11. Jetpack what? There is more than one!

  12. Thanks a lot A Prettier Web.

  13. Is there a wordpress slideshow plugin that does automatic slideshow when the page is loaded? I did not want the user click the forward or backward arrow to see the images. Thanks

  14. I watch this video 5 times. four time i just watch you and and only one time i hardly concentrate on your concept.

  15. Thanks for your efforts. I took a while to get it going sense I am in a 2017 theme. You made it simple to accomplish! Thanks.

  16. Thanks for the help techy Anna Kendrick.

  17. FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for this.. really helpful

  18. Thank you for an amazing video!

  19. Help in the edit gallery page i can't see the TYPE ( That makes it the slideshow type )
    Any one knows why this is.
    I was using meta slider but the only way it works is when i put the images on the page but i don't want that.

  20. You are a saint. Thank you very very much!

  21. great video…thanks for the help

  22. Really very nice way of describing the things. And one thing more……very nice smile at the end of this tutorial. Thanks a lot

  23. Thank you for the information, its been priceless 😉

  24. Thanks for nice tutorial. it helped me a lot.

  25. BTW, I do have Jetpack installed.

  26. The tutorial looks great…but it doesn't work for me. Maybe it's my template or I'm on a different version than you (4.4). When I click 'add media' i don't get the 'create gallery' button in the lower right hand. It pulls up my gallery and wants me to insert an image! Can you help?!

  27. Thanks for the tutorial! Helped me out a lot. I hate the boring black background default that WP came with!

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