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How to Add a PDF to WordPress Posts and Pages | WP Learning Lab

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How to Add a PDF to WordPress Posts and Pages | WP Learning Lab

PDF documents are a great way to provide downloadable information to your website visitors and customers. Some benefits of using PDFs are: they’re nearly universally compatible, they can be created in ways to ensure small file size and they are easily printed.

The process for adding PDFs to posts and pages is the same. For our example we’ll add a PDF to WordPress posts.

To get started hover over posts and click on “Add New” or find an existing post that you want to add the PDF to.

In the post editor, find the spot in the content where you want to add the PDF and click there with your mouse. Wherever you click within the content is where the PDF link will be included. You can always move it around later, but it’s much easier to find the right spot on the first try.

When you’re happy with the location click on the “Add Media” button. It is a small rectangular button that looks like a camera and says “Add Media. It is on the left in between the post title field and the main content area.

When you click on the Add Media button, the insert media work area will popup. Click on the Upload Files tab and then either click the Select Files button to browser your computer or drag and drop the PDF anywhere onto that popup. You can upload multiple images at once if you so desire.

Uploading a PDF is usually very fast, but the speed will depend on your internet connection speed.

After your PDF is uploaded you will see it in the list of media on your site. When the PDF is selected in the list, you will see an area to add a title, a caption and a description on the right hand side. Do so if you like, but it’s not required.

Once you’re satisfied click on Insert Into Post. You will see a link appear right where you clicked in your content area. Click on the “Preview” button on the right to see how it looks before you update or publish.

Once the PDF link is live on your website and a visitor clicks on the link they will either be taken to view the PDF in the browser or the browser will ask them if they want to download the PDF. That functionality depends on the type of internet browser your visitor is using and it’s out of our control.

I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter.


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Comments ( 12 )

  1. How do you put in a PDF that is password protected or they can only access it if they put in their email address? I'm a teacher and I have a lot of free documents to share, but I want to also grow my email list. Thank you!!!!

  2. This is not helpful at all. I dob't want a link showing. I want the page to show the actual open pdf. A link creates another step for the user and its not how I want it to appear.

  3. I've created a PDF and downloaded it into my downloads, but I'm not getting an image code. I only get the title in visual and text. I can't get this to work.

  4. I have a website, and i will add signs that I want my users to be able to print. Is this the same thing?

  5. I am the Administrator along with two others.A little confusing, I am not the Editor. Should I change to that role to get back the ADD MEDIA BUTTON?

  6. Yes, all the other editing tools are there!

  7. That was very clear and straight forward. How do I upload a PDF file that is larger than 50mb?

  8. I am missing my ADD MEDIA button on WordPress 4.3, HELP PLEASE, you are so knowledgeable ..thank you

  9. If you liked this video please check out where we post WordPress tutorials daily.

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