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Comments ( 6 )

  1. Fab lesson Philip. Thanks for posting such a concise and easy on the brain step by step process – absolutely exactly what I needed! I know where to come now next time I need help with a wordpress website modification so I don't have to continually bend the ear of my long suffering website advisor and good friend S. You have a gift for teaching! :o)

  2. Thank you very muchh !! good day to you .. 

  3. I'd like to thank you, immensely, actually, for this informative video!!! It helped me so much! My Paypal buttons weren't working and Paypal was little help. They got me to the code, but couldn't get me to the place where the code translated to a button on the visual. I was fraught with the agony of another day of missed sales, especially since I have a big sales event today and had posted my products on Facebook.

    A Facebook friend posted this youtube link onto my post, oh, the one where I was begging for help from a techie to load the button properly onto my website. I was hesitant to watch, listen to, and follow the video, because my mind had so much on it and I just knew I'd disappoint myself. Alas, your video was WONDERFUL!!!! I'm up and running! And, I LOVE YOU! <3 So, please excuse the outburst, but that's how I feel! Thank you a zillion times!!!!!

    Please enjoy everything your want to enjoy and the things you had no idea you could enjoy!

  4. Thank you so much for this video.  I have been searching Youtube for just the right video and this was it!  It was well done and clearly articulated.  And . . . slow enough for me to understand and get!!!!  Thanks for leaving out all the "fluff" and getting right to the creamy center of things.

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