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How to Add a New Page onto Your WordPress Menu or Navigation Bar

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Join the laptop lifestyle revolution. Learn how to change your menu bar on your wordpress website. Add a new page and make it appear on your navigation bar.

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Comments ( 44 )

  1. Thank you for your video! Very clear!
    Question- the page I wanted is now on my menu, but it is out of place with the other menu tabs. How do I get in line with it? Thanks in advance! xx

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  3. Thanks. Even though this is almost 4 years old and the version of WordPress is different and I think my Plugin is different, you gave me what i needed to perform this basic task. So, thanks for the helpful video.

  4. thank you your video help me 🙂

  5. Thank you so much, I was about to pull my hair out linking my new page with my navigation bar and then I found this! So grateful x

  6. Thank you! This was extremely helpful!

  7. Hi! I repeated all steps but the menu does not appear in the navigation menu. Where is the problem?

  8. I have a problem adding pages to main_menu , when I add a page , it adds as "Pending" custom link

    Help me please

  9. thanks.. I have been attempting to do this for months.. you are a star

  10. Thank you so so so much, please can make a videos explaining a Slugs how to use theme.

  11. THANK YOU Bridgett – what a blessing

  12. You are a lifesaver, please post this video in a better quality if you can

  13. Great tutorial. Very helpful to help solve my problem. Thanks!

  14. Thank you very much. you've really helped me

  15. very beautifully explained thansk for the video

  16. thanks that s what i was looking for a short video and helpful

  17. Good job on this. I'll be back.

  18. Thank you, this was super helpful and you got right into how to do it.

  19. Thank you for such a short succinct helpful video :-).

  20. Thank you so much. I was going crazy trying to figure out why my addition was not displaying.

  21. wow I was loosing my mind on my first day of building a website. Thank you so much

  22. I have added my my pages to each menu item as a subcategory such as; Blog and then added one of my recent post. It is showing the new menu items but not the subcategories? Thoughts?

  23. Thank you for your Tutorial. 🙂

  24. Congrats, you took 10 seconds of informational video and made it 4.5 minutes long

  25. Thank you Bridgett for making this easy to follow instruction video, I tried other before finding yours
    But yours was the only one that solved the problem, of how to add a page to the menu – Well done

  26. Thank you for sharing. Really helpful.

  27. Thanks a lot that i was looking for it in long tutorials but u just made this easy

  28. Thank you. Finally I managed to get around this basic issue.Your tutorial has a good duration to cover everything and it`s quite easy to get along with your speed of talking. Well done.
    Two recommendations:
    – Try to focus the camera a bit more.
    – Change your cursor maybe to a coloured spot or so to make it easier to follow your mouse.

  29. Thank you Bridgett for a very clear and concise explanation!

  30. Thank you! This video answered my question and everything worked like a charm!

  31. Thank you for this. I am setting up a webpage for an assignment for uni and couldn't remember how to add a page and get it to show in the menu under another menu tab.

  32. Thank you! Was searching forever on how to do this.

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