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How to Add a Click-to-Call Phone Number in WordPress

Full post:

This is a quick tutorial, showing how you can add a click to call number or button to your posts or pages in WordPress, using the Thrive Architect plugin.

Comments ( 39 )

  1. Thank you very much! Quick answer to my question, easy if you know how to do it. Brilliant!!!

  2. Thank you Shane – nice, quick, and easy – perfect tutorial!

  3. Hi. Thank you for wonderful video. What I could not figure out in 8 hours was sorted by your step-by-step video in under 5 minutes. Pure magical. I learned and implemented what you taught in the video and output can be viewed at . Much Thanks. One question… How can I customize button size if I do not have Thrive Themes?

  4. Im so happy . i didnt have any idea on how to do this button.

  5. How to get NUMBER OF CLICKS , if possible location of clicks, please Help

  6. Por Favor Necesito Me Reembolcen Mi diner0 De Antier Por la Noche Que Compre Un dominio no Encontre Ayuda Y logre hacerlo con Otra Pagina. Zonia Cisners

  7. Shane, you're the man! Thank you. I'm sure we all appreciate these video very much. Little tricks here and there go a long way. We need to learn from the best to be the best right!

  8. Beyond helpful, I accomplished exactly what I needed to within 2 mins of watching the video

    Thank you good sir!

  9. Shane – I love your instruction style. We actually have a wordpress plugin for our product, TACTAL, that enables web-based global call buttons instead of just linking the phone number ( I would love to chat to see how we can work together embedding our click to call button as part of Thrive Themes to stand out in the competitive WP themes marketplace. Look forward to hearing from you!

  10. Hi! Is this a premium or business WordPress account that's giving you access to all these formats?

  11. Can you do the same for e-mail so people can click your e-mail and directly send an e-mail without having to go through a e-mail opt-in?

  12. You guys have been so helpful! We love your themes!

  13. The theme is not letting me save when I make edits. Every time I hit save it redirects the web tab to show the current date and time.

  14. thanks so much! i didnt get the app but this helped me put 2 and 2 together

  15. Thanks for the great videos! I tried "tel:(my phone number)" on an astra theme with elementor and it did not work. I tried it in different formats like tel:+15555555555, tel:15555555555, tel:5555555555, tel:555-555-5555, tel:1-555-555-5555 but none of them worked. It was tested on iphone 6 and iphone 7 with safari, chrome and firefox. Do you have any ideas why? or fixes?

  16. Shane. How should I setup button to send visitors to the Lead Generator Form element within the same page?

  17. awesome, awesome. I'm in the early stages of my web design career. This product can do so much and it is not too difficult to get the hang of. It's very reliable. It does what you say it can do. 5 stars!

  18. Hi! Can I do this in a mailchimp newsletter too? Would it work?

  19. Does anybody knows how to add custom fonts? so far i've been importing @font-face and then creating classes on my css to assign to Headers h1, h2, etc. Thrive has changed the way it works. how can i do it now?

  20. Thanks! How can I Intergrate Google Analytics Event Tracking Code into this?

  21. How will this work in conjunction with Google forwarding numbers for Adwords conversion tracking?

  22. How to add "Read More" tag in Thrive Architect

  23. Can you help me? i can enter some pages, and other pages are just in loading, i clear cache, but it doesn't work.

  24. Good info: But in today's world, how can I use SMS for marketing?

  25. Shane – you are a superb instructor. Every video you put together makes everything easy and you add clarity and great examples. You are one of the reasons I enjoy Thrive Themes – you just get it. Thanks my man!

  26. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. That code (tel:+1) is what I was missing. That is so much easier and give me so many more options than using the short coeds. I was using 2 different ones, see below.

    1. [thrive_custom_phone phone_text=Call/Text mobile_phone_text= CALL phone_no=555-555-5555 color=“blue”]

    2. <center><button type="button" "=""><font size="5" color="blue"><a href="tel:555-555-5555">TAP TO CALL</a></font></button></center>

    But your way is so much easier.

    Thank you, I will be using the button version as I tend to design for mobile…


  27. I always use the manual hyperlink way on the former TCB. I just added few earlier in the morning before this video.

    Yup. Even though, it works without the country code locally, I always add the country code as well.

  28. Nice tip! Can you teach how to add WhatsApp too???
    Thanks for the video, Shane!

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