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FullScreen Search WordPress Plugin

FullScreen Search is a wordpress plugin which allows you to display fullscreen search overlay.

This plugin was created for wordpress users who have no time for creating the whole search engine on their websites. It’s easy way to make your website look better!

FullScreen Search WordPress Plugin - 1

Just copy-paste this code [fullscreensearch] into your php file, wordpress post or page in your chosen container and enjoy your FullScreen Search.

The management of plugin is very simple. We offer 4 bookmarks to help you fit search to your website.

FullScreen Search WordPress Plugin - 2

First bookmark: Search results

In this bookmark you can set the various options for the display of search results on your website.

Let’s see what you can configure in here:

  • – search method (it could be the entire phrase or single words),
  • – way of showing results (loading elements with ‘show more’ button,
  • simple scrolling page or slide results like a gallery),
  • – type of displayed items (posts, pages or both of them),
  • – sorting type (sort by submit date or title/name and sort order),
  • – amount of results on one page (there is 6 elements by default),
  • – you can decide if you want to show posts introduction or not.

Second bookmark: Search design

In Search design bookmark you can select the type of animation to display a pop-up search window, you can also select one of our color themes for your search window and hover effect in single post (it could be: underline, outline, bounce effect or changing background color), if you selected ‘slide’ opition in ‘way of showing results’ you can choose the type of your slider animation.

Third bookmark: Search main page

Here you can pick elements which you want to see on your main page of FullScreen Search.

It can be:

  • – search input only,
  • – recent posts,
  • – authors,
  • – post from selected category,
  • – single post
  • – or even your own content.
  • Fourth bookmark: Languages

    Our product to support all your website languages so in this bookmark you can see all of them. It just needs you to enter placeholder text and loading text into inputs (each input has its own flag symbolises particular country/language).

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