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Fastest Way to Make a WordPress Website 2019 – Step by Step Tutorial!

Start Here ➜
Learn how to create a beautiful website using the world’s most popular platform, WordPress.
This tutorial is perfect for beginners or future web developers!


1) Introduction 0:00
2) Get Domain & Hosting 1:45 (Use learn2create for big discount!)
3) Install WordPress 4:40
4) Login to WordPress 05:42
5) Install Theme 7:30
6) Add Pages 8:42
7) Set Static Homepage & Menu 9:50
8) Choose Website Design & Layout 11:25
9) Using Drag & Drop Builder 13:06
10) Import & Edit Demo Layout 19:19
11) Edit Website Colours 21:35
12) Add Site Logo 25:03
13) Add Favicon 25:42
14) Add Social Media 26:05

Congrats 🙂

Demo site here:

In this simple and easy wordpress website tutorial, I will walk you through step by step to creating a website. It’s going to be simple 7 step process and its going to be an amazing experience.

We are using the Free Open Source Platform, WordPress to create our website. Along with one of the best themes on the market today, Themify Ultra.

This allows virtually anyone to create their own website in minutes instead of months, days or even hours!




#WordPress #HowToMakeaWebsite

Comments ( 21 )

  1. Let's see if we can hit 100 Likes 🙂 Thank you everyone for all your support!

  2. Does it matter what version of wordpress you have? I have 5.2.3 but noticed you have 4.9.4… I tried doing the parallax video but noticed that my menu were not showing up the same. I have now moved onto this video and once again it looks different so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be extremely appreciated! :0)

  3. Dude what was that CSS code to get rid off the little white line under the header! Can't remember what part of the video or if I'm in the right video! ??

  4. i cant remove the gap no matter how many times i go to full width any suggestions

    fusionallies1 .blogspot .com (connect no space for the link to function)

  6. Hi Hogan Chua, can I ask is it possible to add a register, login page using Themify ultra? another question is do you think it is possible to integrate a small webshop on the page?

  7. Thanks tor the tutorial video. Very educational for a beginner. Now, I would like uninstall Themify Builder from my WordPress site. I am trying to switch to installing the Elementor builder. How do go about it?

  8. Hogan you are the best! I followed you last year and started my first website with your help 🙂 I want to do it again…..long story short – Can you suggest an e-commerce combined with blog wordpress theme template for a small start up inspirational brand watch company selling a small number of watches and accessories? I don't want a generic looking e-commerce site and I think you have a creative soul. Thank you!

  9. Hello Hogan, I have a question. How can you disable an icon or make it static so that it cannot be clicked on Themify? I'm trying to do that on the Contact page pf a website I'm working on. Please kindly reply asap

  10. Hi Hogan, I really like the video, helped a lot. Is there a plug-in that you can suggest to create your own T-Shirt design, like upload image, change colour of shirt that works well with this platform? Or any suggestions . Thank you Cedric

  11. Hi Hogan, loved this video and created my website using it. I have an account with Themify but not seeing the answer to my question. I originally downloaded your demo home page layout. Unfortunately, since then I deleted the blog slider on the home page. Can you tell me how to recreate the slider for my blogs? Thanks.

  12. the themify builder wont let me upload the layout.any suggestions?

  13. Thanks for this easy & accessible tutorial <3

  14. It's asking me for a themify license key. I have no idea what that is. Can you help please?

  15. bro when I want to add new page i am not getting the same screen as you do (kind of) i can type a titel publish it but i dont get it as a page more like a blog,, i hope you can help me??

  16. I've downloaded the theme then since ive updated its asking for a license key. I thought it was a free theme?

  17. For some reason, when I added the pages, I get the mobile version and when I try to expand it, everything is invisible.

  18. Excellent presentation. Fast, eloquent, BAM! to the point. Thanks

  19. Downloaded Ultra Theme, had to up my account to Business for it to work…. and it isn't working. I can't customize the theme at all. Is there a new link to download the theme?

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