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EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 1EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 2
EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 3
EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 4EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 5EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 6

EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 7

EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 8

EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 9

Here’s some of the rest of the features…
  • Supports single and multiple day events
  • Create single day events
  • Create events without end day or time
  • Create all day events
  • Duplicate events in wp-admin
  • Exclude certain events from calendar
  • Span events until end time while hiding end time
  • Set event location image
  • Set location by latitude longitude
  • Save locations and re-use them for events
  • Set event organizer contact information
  • Save event organizer for re-using in events
  • Learn more about the event link support
  • Various options for how a user can interact with event
  • Use universal time and date format through your website
  • Schema SEO content support for calendar events
  • Ability to auto archive past events
  • Easily add custom CSS styles via eventON Settings
  • Customize calendar month/year format
  • Customize calendar date and time formats
  • Ability to reset calendar appearance to default easily
  • Ability to open eventCards on load
  • Display upcoming events list by months
  • Pre-set calendar event order ASC/DESC
  • Show featured events above others in calendar
  • Show calendar with only featured events
  • Create calendars with featured images on list
  • Dynamic “load more” pagination of events in the calendar
  • Show calendar for certain fixed months
  • Ability to set eventCard opening to act as accordion style
  • RTL support – (right-to-left text)
  • Show a limit number of events per month on the calendar
  • Categorized events based on custom taxonomies
  • Create calendars with only events from certain event categories
  • Completely customize all the data on event rows in calendar
  • Customize google maps interactive features such as mouse scroll, zoom etc.
  • AJAX driven smooth month to month navigation
  • Add calendar to your theme via shortcode or PHP template tag
  • Integrated PayPal to accept payments for events
  • Custom Language Text support and includes POT file for further customization
  • Set events to show at random order
  • Show events only for logged-in users
  • Individual email to receive payments via paypal per event
  • Make certain custom fields only visible to admin or logged-in users
  • Prioritize month and year long events above others
  • Add multiple images to an event
  • EventON diagnose and environment via settings
  • Auto set past events as complete

EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 10
EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 11EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 12

EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 13
EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin - 14

Change log

= 2.8 (2019-11-12) =
ADDED: pluggable filter to change the eventtop below title date time format
ADDED: SEO json schema pluggable function eventon_event_json_schema_adds
ADDED: AJAX based event loading to hide show more events button when at end
ADDED: Show more events in calendar to change to loading view during ajax
ADDED: option to set 1 letter week day names in eventon > language
ADDED: Related events for each event
ADDED: ability to show only set event filter values in filter drop down SC:filter_show_set_only
ADDED: past and future filtering via shortcode SC:event_past_future 
ADDED: Shortcode based event filter relationship method SC:filter_relationship
ADDED: Basic events list to support event filtering for more than one month
ADDED: Ability to export eventon language as just text strings for easy translation
ADDED: Option in location term edit to use latlng for get directions location
ADDED: Event filter terms to have proper html class names
ADDED: Shortcode generator to be able to select event type filter values easily
ADDED: shortcode option to disable initial calendar loading via ajax using cal_init_nonajax='yes'
FIXED: JSON schema data error
FIXED: cron process events marking them as completed code error
FIXED: hide multiple occurance effecting multiple calendars on same page
FIXED: Cal_id variable passed with space to be escaped with dash
FIXED: get_next_current_repeat() not returning correct repeat data
FIXED: get_all_event_data() function meta field incorrect value
FIXED: yes no field passed value to be formatted to lower case
FIXED: Social share links on https
FIXED: Filter values not working correctly with multiple filters
FIXED: Correct event URL passing with lang variations in the url from EVO_Event()->get_permalink
FIXED: additional images box showing on other posts as well
FIXED: Custom date format to reflect on event edit date selection
FIXED: event location and organizer add new term text strings
FIXED: Widget check box clicking not enabling save button
FIXED: Shortcode generator changes not applying to shortcode in real time
UPDATED: Using PHP datetime function and moment.js for time calculations
UPDATED: pluggable filter eventon_evt_fe_time to support extra values for event time
UPDATED: Styles for the calendar elements and on frontend
UPDATED: calendar event filtering mechanism and loading shortcodes to calendar
UPDATED: Bubble events calendar hover animation

= 2.7.3 (2019-7-24) = 
ADDED: Filter evo_eventcard_time for eventcard time
ADDED: Ability to set constant characters for event card date time format
ADDED: pluggable filter evo_eventcard_repeatseries_start_dtformat to allow repeat event series time format editing
FIXED: Dynamic styles write to header cause posts to not save
FIXED: Dynamic styles escaping befor print to page
FIXED: calendar ux_val=2 not loading the learn more link from event
UPDATED: duplicate event function to support a pluggable filter with event object

= 2.7.2 (2019-6-29) =
ADDED: repeat events to be trashed if set when last repeat is over
FIXED: when sort buttons hidden event filter not working for switch months
FIXED: to hide sort button if no sort options selected in settings
FIXED: single event box external link opening 2 windows
FIXED: Shortcode generator functioning errors 
FIXED: open in new window for events not working
UPDATED: event photos filter for feature images
UPDATED: javascript trigger values for lightbox operations

= 2.7.1 (2019-6-4) =
FIXED: auto trash past events deleting non past events
FIXED: minor style conflicts
FIXED: event set to open link open in new tab despite not set
FIXED: Single event box opening external link as well as single event page
FIXED: JSON LD data escaping issue with apostrphe
FIXED: hide sort and filter bar in settings not responding

= 2.7 (2019-5-30) =
ADDED: Event organizer description in event card
ADDED: ability to hide sort filter section on event lists via shortcode hide_so
ADDED: EventON settings diagnose environment data and stats
ADDED: 2 multi data type additional fields on default with filter
ADDED: wp-admin eventon lightbox content loading via ajax in a dynamic way
ADDED: Basic version of event photos addon into eventON
ADDED: New colorful eventtop calendar style
ADDED: new css class name to child event type terms in filters
ADDED: Auto set past event as completed
ADDED: Ability to disable scheme JSON-LD data everywhere except single event page
ADDED: Option to enable general google maps for all newly created events on default
ADDED: Ability to set multiple week of month to repeat for monthly repeat mode for events
ADDED: ability to prioritize month and year long events above others
ADDED: cancelled events to show that on all events list in wp-admin
FIXED: Events linking to external link to actually show that in HTML DOM
FIXED: Single event shortcode not updating shortcode when only one event
FIXED: past/current events filter not working when select filter type
FIXED: to run ajax json event data load on event click only is needed
FIXED: multi data type additional fields setting yes to not save correct
FIXED: EventON Widgets styling and layout
FIXED: JSON LD description escaping
UPDATED: calendar styles and UI & backend UI & layouts
UPDATED: filter and sorting design and layout
UPDATED: pass event location slug into location html
UPDATED: EventON settings support section and its layout
UPDATED: multi data types styles and layout
UPDATED: several text strings
REMOVED: discontinued google plus social share

< == Complete changelog can be found at ==>

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