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Easy Redirect WordPress

Easy Redirect WordPress is designed to redirect with 301 pages or posts of your WordPress site.

Easy Redirect WordPress is a WordPress plugin that allows site administrators, set up 301 redirects directly from the content editor. Simply enter the url you want to redirect and the plugin will automatically create the redirect 301 and tell the search engine robot to indicate that the page has moved definitively establishing another new direction. You can do redirects to pages or posts you want, never damage your WordPress site.


  • Easy Redirect WordPress is one of the simplest and most advantageous for WordPress plugins there.
  • Easy Redirect WordPress plugin lets you create your own redirects, abbreviations and links.
  • You will not have to edit any configuration, Easy Redirect WordPress does everything for you.
  • Simple and functional, you just have to install the plugin Easy Redirect WordPress and then you can start using it.

Steps to install:

  • Download ZIP file from Envato after purchasing!
  • Upload to WordPress, active the plugin
  • Create/Edit page or post and enter the redirect in the box
  • Publish/Save Page or post and the redirect 301 has been created now!

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