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Dynamic Keyword Insert From URL parameter

This plugin allows user to display value from URL parameter in some sort of ways. Simply, we can say this plugin has option to grab the keyword value from URL parameter in address bar and print them inside page, post, title or widgets.

Besides, plugin has option to create dynamic anchor based on grabbed value from parameter. It is Visual composer supported so easily can handle all the stuffs easily.

No complex method, easy to use and follows systematic ways:
-> If the VALUE available against keyword it will present as a TEXT where the shortcode is.
-> If no VALUE is set, DEFAULT value will be placed :)

Just Check the KEY Features at a glance:

  • Shortcode Enable
  • Visual Composer Supported for Heading
  • Any keyword can be used for query string
  • Can set anywhere in Title, Body Content, Widgets etc
  • Have option to enable/disable for adword capitalization
  • Organic search query (from Google, Yahoo, Bing) enabled
  • Default TEXT can be placed if no keyword found

There are two shortcodes :
1) For TEXT : [insertkey parameter="keyword" default="my word" capitalization="no"]

2) For Anchor : [insertanchor parameter="keyword" default="hello" href="" anchortext="Click Here" insertfor="hreftext"]

More details about Anchor setup :


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