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Bootstrap Reference Guide: Bootstrap 4 and 3 Cheat Sheets Collection (Bootstrap 4 Quick Start)

Price: $17.99
(as of Nov 26,2019 19:25:11 UTC – Details)

Save Time Referencing Bootstrap CSS Classes and Component Code Snippets.

This Bootstrap reference guide book will help you find the code necessary to build common components, see a list of all the CSS classes, and get the color values in RGB and Hexadecimal format.

Updated Feb. 2019! Supports Bootstrap 4.3.1 and Bootstrap 3.4.1

This Bootstrap Reference Book Includes:

  • Introduction to Bootstrap and responsive web design basics
  • Bootstrap 4 Classes and Components Reference
  • Bootstrap 4 Flexbox Utility Classes Reference – What is CSS flex box and how does it work?
  • Bootstrap 4 Colors Reference
  • Bootstrap 3 Classes and Components Reference
  • CSS3 Reference
  • Responsive Images Reference
  • Additional Frontend Development Reference and Resource Links

Can’t this information be found for free on the documentation website?

You can find most of the information contained in this book on the internet. But I tried to distill the components and information to the most frequently used. I also provide a list of all of the class names which is not available on the official documentation site.


  • Saves you time Googling and scanning the official documentationSaves you time learning how to customize the snippets to get the results you want
  • Gives you a handy desk reference you can use offline and share with a friend
  • I will also continue to update this book as the framework changes its code base.

Buy the Bootstrap Reference Guide today and save time referencing the classes and code snippets!

It’s just as advertised, listings of Bootstrap syntax that can be a handy reference when building an application. You could build the lists yourself from the internet, but why, when this handy reference does it. – David Kirk

Price: $17.99
(as of Nov 26,2019 19:25:11 UTC – Details)

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