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Bluehost WordPress Tutorial – Step by Step for Beginners – Video Tutorial


This tutorial will show you how to build a WordPress website with Bluehost. This is a complete step by step tutorial for beginners.

*The above link is an affiliate link. This means that Bluehost will give me a commission if you sign up through my link. This helps support this channel at no extra cost to you.
Thank you for watching!

If your Bluehost dashboard is different than the video, you are on “cpanel” instead of “home”. Click home in the top left of your BlueHost dashboard to make it look like the video.

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Comments ( 28 )

  1. If your dashboard looks different, select "Home" (towards the top left of page). This will make it look like the dashboard shown in the video.

  2. hello sir please make a video on how to make e commerce website with bluehost

  3. except passport , I don't know which document is showing in English

  4. Blue host is really a cheater, they deactivated your account , and ask your for any information to confirm your address, even I provide passport , then they asked me another government document, or any other document to show your address.That must be in ENGLISH .

    It must be Hypocritical means. In China, or India or Bangladesh , Japan, south korea or many western countries , any government department even driver ID department would only give the documents to local person in Local main language except passport .

    For example , Spain or Italy government will only give electricity bill to the local person in Spanish. Because that is their country first language.

    For example, Korean government will only give electircity bill to local person in Korean language, not English.

    that will be same situation as India, Thailand , except the countries where ENGLISH is first language .

  5. Bluehost is a cheater , they will stole your money. after I made the payment , in the begining , my account is activated , but several minutes they will sent email and deactivated my account . And ask you for many different english documents. then ask you to wait 24-48 hours for confirm, then ask more and more documents , and then also need to wait 24-48 hours , then if you are not able to provide , your account cant not be used . And then you need to 24-48 hours to wait what they do , how to cancel , and still need to wait.

    I had waited so many days. nothing refund . still ask you to wait more days.

  6. seems easy enough! great video. i will definitely look into getting bluehost

  7. I am moving to BH from GD as soon as I am able to. GoDaddy is a sham. Is there a time limit you have to wait out since your domain names have been renewed before you can move your name servers to Bluehost?

  8. perfect video. but i am a bit confused with the posts and pages, please what differentiate them

  9. please buy it from this link
    i pured a coffe on my phone and it doesn't work

  10. Thank you very much for your great VDO, your explanation was lucid. This will help me to create.

  11. Is there any better hoster or is this the best one?

  12. What is the difference between menus and pages? On the top of my online store, I have the cart, contact, candles, and gourd art but every time I add a widget it puts it on all of them instead and the particular one that I want to put it on.

  13. Thank you for your help! Clear and concise!

  14. Awesome video
    Thanks for information

  15. You are the best tutor I have come to know…..

  16. Can I change the URL on my Bluehost. Somehow I did a mistake in the spelling and I want to correct it.

  17. Thank you, this was very helpful.

  18. The bluehost dashboard looks completely different (Peter from Europe)

  19. A truly instructive tutorial. Thanks for that.

  20. Thanks for the video. I just subscribed to Bluehost the other day and have been feeling overwhelmed with WordPress.

  21. Hi Cole, I viewed your video and got started. However after I paid for my package the site to install WordPress didn't appear.Bluehost wanted we to build a website. Can you help?

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