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BIZREVIEW – Business Review WordPress Plugin

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BIZREVIEW - Business Review WordPress Plugin - 1
BIZREVIEW – business review plugin for WordPress is a best suitable plugin if you want to show your business reviews from different platforms like google business review, facebook business review, Trustpilot, yelp, etc. The plugin has different suitable options to show your reviews into your WordPress websites and it has 14+ different layouts. It’s not only a review plugin there has the option to show the cards of your business review with different ways also you can abole to see your website visitor statistic on your WordPress dashboard by using BizReview(It’s an extra gift for you). The plugin will really help you to ingress confident about your business into the customer’s mind. We are constantly updating the plugin for making it the best REVIEW plugin so you can also keep the plugin in your list for future use also. :) Please check the plugin demo and our online documentation to get the idea about how it really works.

Bizreview Features List:

  • Displays 5 Google business reviews per location ( 5 review restricted by Google API )
  • Fetching Review Based on Google API
  • Google Place Information badges
  • Display Facebook Review
  • Custom review options
  • Custom review badges options
  • 14 + review style
  • Review Sliders
  • Review Grid
  • Review Masonary Grid
  • Review Elementor Widget support
  • Support WP Bakery Page Builder
  • Review Widget
  • Review Shortcode
  • Settings Options
  • Multipale Place review option
  • Use multiple times in a page.
  • Global Place review option
  • Rating Filtering option
  • Trim Long Reviews
  • Visitor statistics in dashboard (A extra gift for you with his plugin)
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-langual support
  • Well Online Documentation

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Updates and changelogs

14 OCT19 (V - 2.1 - Latest)
1. Add yelp API
2. Fetching yelp review from yelp
3. Fixed settings option issue
4. Fixed some other issue
30 Sep 19 (V - 2.0)
1. Fix array_flip() error issue
2. Fixed CSS issue of bootstrap v3.3.7
3. Fixed Visual Composer version comfortable issue
4. Fixed bootstrap v3.3.7 Dropdowns
17 Sep 19
1. Add review badges shortcode
2. Fixed one click google review upload issue.
17 Sep 19
1. Add one-click google reviews upload system.
2. Solved google API response issue.
3. Add pagination in Elementor and Visual Composer google review element.
4. Fixed some other issues
10 Sep 19
1. Add new date format ( September 2019 )
09 Sep 19
1. Add long review trim characters change option
2. Add date format change option
3. Fixed visitor counter issue
4. Add visitor statistics on/off option
5. Fixed some other issues.
23 Aug 19
1. Support WP Bakery / Visual Composer Page Builder
2. Add visitor statistics in the dashboard
3. Fixed some issue
06 Aug 19
1. Fixed elementor style order issue
04 Aug 19  (V - 1.3)
1. Add custom review Platform logo and name options
2. Fixed javascript error
3. Fixed php error
4. Fixed custom review show limit issue
5. Fixed some CSS issue
03 Aug 19 (V - 1.2)
1. Fixed Elementor error
2. Fixed Woocommerce CSS conflict problem
03 Aug 19 (V - 1.1)
1. Add pot file missing string
29 Jul 19
- Initial release

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