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I have basically a onepage blog, there’s no need to leave the main page, even though users can. It’s mostly pictures, videos and gifs.

Main content of the post, meaning images and video containers are displayed raw on the main page under the title.

Some posts are galleries, and instead of having users go to another page to view it I want it to be visible on the same page by tapping read more button.

Read more button is just a js script that hides the contents of too high length and displays it when read more button is clicked.

This is very simple and I could make it myself, but I wonder if there are any ready scripts that do this already. Maybe also add lazy loading to pictures that are hidden, thus not flood the end-user with the content they do not want to see.

I cannot find anything of value for the same concept so far and I’ve spent a lot of time. WordPress is well developed, there has to be something premade for me.

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