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My doubt is concerning the mobile experience for my website. I have two sections on my home page and many other pages on my website, one prompting customers to select a category and another to apply a filter (retailers). They are both made using the Product Categories and Filter Product by Attribute widgets. The issue is for mobile I have made both as dropdowns and only set categories to appear if any products are sat within that category.

The doubt is that if I have 3 or fewer categories displaying in the dropdown, there is no search functionality within the widget. However, when I go more than 3 categories it adds a search functionality within that widget. While I understand this is built to easily search the category dropdown list, in my site it’s causing a sub-optimal experience, as each time someone clicks that dropdown, it opens up the keyboard and very little of my website is visible.

Is there any code I can use to disable this search functionality within the dropdown for these two widgets. I have got the Code Snippet plugin installed to do this. I have provided a screenshot for clarity about what I want disabled.

I’m not very technically knowledgeable, so would appreciate any support. I hope the above is clear, but if any doubt please let me know. Screenshot below for clarity. Many thanks
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